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I met her on your site  #Engaged
Hi, well actually I had nearly 400 views and nearly 50-60 in my favourites and I know many had put me in their favourites also, but the one person who stood out the most is the one and only person I actually meet the other day after 1 month of chatting everyday on messenger and email and texts. I think the important thing is to give the other person something to look forward to each day by receiving either an email, text or something that makes that person feel excited. By doing that it draws in that person closer and they begin to feel a certain amount of trust. Trust is important, more so for women, as there are a lot of guys out there who just want to get one thing, and I know how it much feel for women having to filter through the players and the real men! I've actually used a similar site 2 years ago with my last partner and although we are only just no together, we did have a child who is 1 year and we do still talk as we need to do so for our child, but we have kind of moved on in terms of the relationship. this hasn't stopped me from using a site again as I do think it has many positive ways in which is good for couples who are trying to meet. There is obviously the control that each person has which gives it the safety factor. So I would suggest it to others to use for sure. So this person I meet just the other day, it went really well and we met near her home in a public place and we went for a meal and had fun. We spoke a lot and I really think she is a nice person and I think there could be something there! I'm yet to really find out what she is really thinking but the impression she gives is similar to mine.

Time will only tell if we get to stay together. We are keeping an open mind and as we are both local to each other so we will certainly see more of each other. Hey, you never know, we might even come one of your success stories that might appear on your reality show.! Who knows! LOL. Well if you want I'll keep you posted on how things turn out, and if not and someone else happens to end being the right person, well time will only tell. I guess the key is to just have an open mind and as long as both parties know what the expectations are then no one should get hurt. I never want any person to get hurt and for me I was always brought up to treat people in the way you expect to be treated! I have 3 sisters and I would like to think that I treat women in the same way as I would expect other guys to treat my sisters. With respect! I think that as long as people take things slowly and don't go into this with huge expectations, then I don't think anyone can get too disappointed. As I say, safety is got to be the main thing and as long as sincerity is shown on both parts then that is got to be a good start.No one can control the outcome but if it was meant to be then it will, and if it doesn't then maybe good friends can come out of it. Now in my book that's a win-win situation. I hope I gave some feedback that helps in these matters and I will keep in touch and let you know the outcome. Have a nice day. Liam.