• Older Women Need What Kind of Dating? Posted by Admin on Jun 24, 2016

    Cougars dating want something very specific. They have already lived out their younger days of uncertainty, and many are looking for that someone special to be with. Older women dating younger men need a different type of dating, and here are the details.

    Sensual and Attentive

    It’s not all about the sex for a cougar. This isn’t Mrs. Robinson, where older women are on the prowl for lots of younger men. Many want something real and affectionate. They need someone sensual and attentive to their needs. If you can’t offer this type of dating, you’re looking for the wrong type of woman.

    Honest and Upfront

    Honest dating is a key for older women dating younger men. These women are fed up of the immature lifestyle choices and flaky responses. They want someone who will be upfront with what they’re looking for and honest about the way they feel about situations and activities.

    This doesn’t mean there’s a problem with only wanting casual sex. Some cougars want that after long relationships to get back in the game. All they want is for you to be upfront about that, rather than leading them to believe you want more afterwards.

    Treat Her Well

    Cougars dating have been in the game for some time now. They have expectations and you need to follow them if you want to stand a chance. Treating your cougar well is a must. Pay for dinner, hold the door open and be a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead, not in this dating world.

    There are many women looking to date younger men for various reasons. If you want to succeed in this, you’ll need to follow the three rules above. This is the type of dating older women need to deem you a worth suitor.

  • Why Today’s Young Men Can’t Stop Chasing Older Women Posted by Admin on Jun 24, 2016

    TV shows like Cougar Town have brought younger men dating older women out to the forefront a bit more. Have you noticed how many men out there are dating older women? What is the attraction? Maybe it’s money or experience. Here’s the main reasons young men just can’t help but chase older women.

    Older Women Have More Experience

    Some men want to settle down and will turn to older women for that. The cougar already has experience in the dating world, and will know what she likes and doesn’t like. Younger men can feel like they won’t be taken through a guessing game, potentially hurt when the women decide he isn’t her cup of tea.

    Older women also have experience in the bedroom, in the house and even with money. It makes life more exciting but stable at the same time.

    Older Women Have Confidence

    As well as knowing what they want, older women have more confidence. Dating older women is sexier because the woman is more likely to stand up for herself and be willing to be independent now and then. There’s no clinginess or desperation.

    The independence allows men to go to work or go out with friends without wondering what their girlfriend is up to; whether she is worrying about his antics. There are no constant phone calls asking when he will get home. When a man is being called, he knows he is in the wrong for a very good reason!

    There are many reasons for younger men dating older women now. Experience and confidence are certainly the two main reasons. Money doesn’t even need to come into the equation. There is something sexy about Dating Mature Women

  • 6 secrets for dating an older women like a pro Posted by Admin on Jun 22, 2016

    Dating older women has become a big tussle for majority of young men nowadays. This is due to the fact cougars not being passive like before, they’re always in sea fishing for new fish species. Therefore, if one's after dating an older lady then he should be cautious since their patience is limited for youth shenanigans. Below are seven unique tips of dating older women.

    Afford meaningful conversations

    Many young men always wonder why older women are reluctant in dating them. Here is the reason, majority of younger men can’t hold a productive and intellectual conversations. To concur this inability, younger men should show they know what they are doing by going in depth and breadth when having various discussions with these ladies. Competent conversations always impress ladies.

    Fulfill promises

    Most cougars love punctuality. Promises should always be kept at all cost. Younger men should avoid making promises they can't keep since it shows immaturity. For instance, if one promises to make a call at a certain time, ensure you call. If unable let her know. It will be mature enough to give a valid reason as why not keep the promise. 

    Avoid being somebody, be real

    One of the biggest plunders committed by men when dating older ladies, is being what they are not. Older women are so wise, having dated quite a number of men before. They can easily tell when one is real and when faking. Men should do themselves at all times by avoiding bragging.

    Involve humor

    Older women always want to have good time, men should try to inject it in conversations at the right time. This makes them laugh now and again as a result they will miss the source of humor when they are far. On other hand, older women got more obligations and responsibilities than their younger counterparts, hence, young men should be relieving them stress through sensible humor.


    Older women love to be closer to their partners. This is to ensure that they limit them access to other ladies and destructive friends. Young men should let older women know their schedule. It will make them understandable when they are not with them since they know the reason. 

    Romance and energy

    Young men should be prepared for extreme romance when dating older women. They should make them feel they are dealing with real men romantically. They should take things step by step till everything is ripe for eating. Remember this women are after young men energy. Therefore, younger men should let them feel the energy in them.

  • 5 best tips to woo an older women in first date. Posted by Admin on Jun 20, 2016

    It's often been said that younger men like to date older women because there is something strangely 'alluring' about them in a way that younger women just can't compete with. After years of the general dating trend being older men dating women it appears that the tables have turned and in fact the so called 'cougar dating' phenomenon is well and truly enshrined in the consciousness of single life.

    I have compiled the top 5 dating tips that younger men can use when considering dating an older woman, things that will help you not only find and attract, but keep the beautiful older cougar woman of your dreams.

    Tip 1 - Get ready to work harder!

    Older women may be relaxed and rather easy going when it comes to dating, but don't be fooled - they have been around the block a lot more times than you and expect you to be on point. So be ready to up your game and offer plenty of love and affection. Be open and honest with her and show your true passion and personality and what makes you tick.

    Tip 2 - Approach dating a cougar with an open mind

    There's a good chance that if you are new to dating older women that you will make some simple mistakes before figuring out exactly what it is they are really about. The key here is don't believe the hype, older women may be open minded and up for plenty of fun but it's not all about what happens on the set of Hollywood shows like 'Cougar Town'. In fact evoking and believing in these typical stereotypes can be a real turn off to women who are interested in younger men. In actual fact they are looking for a real and grounded relationship not some sort of fantasy mirrored from TV shows and magazine articles.

    Tip 3 - Get on your game and stay there

    There may be some serious chemistry going on between many cougars and their toy boys but don't fall into a false sense of security... Make sure you keep things fresh and exciting, offer a cheap date to Burger King and you might find that those texts and calls stop coming altogether. She is after all with you because you offer her a sense of excitement and often it takes even more to impress an older woman, the tricks you used on that younger ex may well not be enough to keep her coming back for more.

    Tip 4 - Don't give up easily

    Older women may not be the type to play games but that doesn't mean that they will be a knock over on the first date, you will need to spend plenty of time and energy wooing them and that's even before the normal highs and lows than happen if a relationship does eventually develop. Stay positive and make sure you are ready to work hard at keeping things on track.

    Tip 5 - Enjoy it!

    The key to making any relationship successful is that you make it fun and enjoy it! The cougar dating scene has grown massively in recent years because these relationships have a passion and chemistry that often outweighs anything people have experienced before. Luckily there are plenty of Mature Dating Sites online now to help you meet up, connect and get together with that beautiful older woman of your dreams... So stick to our tips and you should be able to enjoy dating that sophisticated and sexy older women for years to come!

    Or you may try Milf Dating Site
  • What is The Best Dating App For Meeting Cougars Online? Posted by Admin on May 26, 2016

    There are innumerable single & attractive cougars who are eager to date younger men, but the question is from where to find them? This problem is solved by the reliable cougar dating app that gives you the privilege to discover the hottest cougar around the city and that too at the comfort of your home. However, what these dating apps are and how do they exactly work? Let's find out.

    Top 5 Best Cougar Dating Apps To Watch Out For

    #1- The Millionaire Dating App

    These range of apps are specifically designed for the rich and wealthy cougars who are in the hunt of a handsome, confident and adventurous young men. Majority of the active members that you are going to come across at such apps are financially stable and thus provide everything to their relationship that you can ever think of, and the best part is that you will always be bestowed by a promising cougar.

    #2- The Tinder Cougar App

    This is an exceptional app where you can explore a plethora of cougars near you. The app works by performing a common compatibility test and then provides matches that seem to be best for you. These compatibility tests are based on general questions related with personality, dating and even about the type of person that you are searching for. Hence, always be honest when giving the compatibility test of the Tinder Cougar App.

    #3- Cougar Dating App

    This is a universal cougar app that is embedded with advance technology ensuring that you grab your best match without any complications. The heart and soul of this app is its user friendly interface that allows you to operate various functions like chatting, status update, reviewing articles or news in a hassle free manner.

    #4- Older Women Dating

    This is a revolutionary app that is designed only for Android users, where they can unleash an impeccable cougar through their smartphone. This app is part of the official website of Older women dating that has crossed over 2 million active users and the number keeps on growing with time. Best thing about this cougar dating app is its presence which is seldom seen in any other apps.

    #5- Teda Cougar Dating

    To make the services of Teda Cougar Dating simple and adaptable, its developers have made their way to smartphone where you can use this app even when on the go. its remarkable search option gives you the opportunity to choose from myriad of cougars out there who are in the lookout of strong and charming young men like you. The more you are going to use this app the better it gets.

    Therefore, let your search for the ultimate cougar come to an end with the best cougar dating app that is packed with several features and amazing users so that you can explore a perfect match in no time, or who knows your ideal match might knock its way right after you have created your profile using the dating app!

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