• A new study reveals younger men prefer dating older women Posted by Admin on Jul 24, 2016

    The term dating basically is a relatively new phenomenon in the human clan. It is that stage where two people meet socially as friends with an aim at assessing each other’s sustainability as an ideal partner. To simplify it further it just means two people trying out a relationship to see if they are compatible with each other or not. Compatibility here may or may not include sexual preferences, but generally sexual preferences, attraction and infatuation are the main reasons for dating.

    Dating preferences may vary from person to person. How these preferences vary depends completely on what people like or get attracted to. Despite society's assumptions about men always needing to find a younger woman, most of the young men actually fancy dating women older than them.

    Cougar basically is a slang which refers to older women dating a younger man. Studies have revealed that men love the company of older women as they feel secure and sexually content with women older to them. Young men these days recognize that older women are busy with juggling so many responsibilities like managing their career, taking care of children, keeping their house neat and tidy, being healthy and fit, managing their finances and of course socializing, which makes them very attractive and a very secure option.

    The way men prefer dating a women older to them, women do not prefer to be a cougar. They like men who make them feel young, are of the same age or a year or two older to them, hardworking, financially secure and socially active. All that women generally prefer is a man who can make them feel secure and sexually satisfy them. Younger men these days have a lot of requests on Cougar Apps for women older than them, they feel a women older to them are more experience in life in all ways, sexually very attractive and can fulfil all of their sexual fantasies.

    A huge list of highly successful, high profile celebrity couples make for young men with an older women.  There is absolutely no particular age for dating, but for a successful relationship to last it needs two highly compatible and understanding people, who love each other, are honest and make sure both of them are secure with each other. For this feeling men prefer dating an older women and are happy with each other’s company.

  • Are older women over 50 dating younger men only for sex? Posted by Admin on Jul 22, 2016

    Age gap in a relationship is rarely a matter of concern for women in their fifties these days. In fact, a growing number of older women dating younger men are genuinely interested only in sex and pleasure. Here, discover more about older women and younger men relationships.

    Older Women Dating Younger Men

    Older women, especially the ones who are in their fifties, are going head of heels for younger men in their twenties or thirties, as they make them feel both fun and desirable. While, sex is definitely one of the reasons why older women dating younger men want to be in the relationship forever, cougar women also like it when their younger partners make them feel beautiful and excited about life. Yet another reason why older women looking for younger men are crazy about their younger dating partners is because they are youthful and do not come with any hidden motives at the back of their minds. Older women dating younger men often feel that why things weren’t so beautiful when they were their partner’s age. Hence, they are desperate to experience that beautiful feeling of being in a relationship with younger men.

    Younger men want their older partners to look gorgeous whereas cougar women love the idea of being able to wear their favorite sexy dresses and high heels all over again. Additionally, younger men are far more attractive and charming in comparison to older men who have grey as well as wispy hair on their head. Older women also love the very scent of young men and the freshness that they bring along with them in comparison to older men who are musty and smell horribly bad at times. Older women also like being with younger men because they have a good fashion sense and style of their own. On the contrary, older men have no fashion and styling sense at all. Apart from this, younger men do not have any ex-wives and kids and that saves older women the trouble of listening to sad stories about divorces and break-ups.

    Another reason why older women are fond of their younger dating partners is because they like making love to them. Younger men are desperate to have sex and please their partners on bed and older women find this idea much fascinating. Women in their fifties love wearing sexy under garments and flaunt their bodies. On the other hand, their younger partners are keen to prove that they know much about sex and pleasure. This ignites a sort of fire between the couple and they begin to enjoy such bonding and relationship more than anything else. Cougar women love to lay on the bed with younger men who are free-spirited, adventurous and love to experiment with different moves. In fact, older women can enjoy repeated sex with younger men in a day as opposed to older men who lack the energy of doing it even once.

    In a nutshell, older women dating younger men love such relationships because their younger partners make them feel more confident, smart and independent in comparison to older men.

  • 10 Benefits about Dating Sugar Mommas Posted by Admin on Jul 22, 2016

    A good number of young men are fond of sugar mommas simply because they are unlike younger women and are more experienced and mature in matters of dating and sex. So, if you’ve found a cougar women through a sugar momma dating site and are serious about dating her then read on to find top ten benefits of sugar momma dating.

    1. They Understand: One of the biggest benefits of dating a sexy looking single or divorced woman is that they are very understanding by nature. A cougar woman has been through a lot in her personal life and therefore she truly values people who are close to her. A sugar momma dating younger men will be more affectionate and understanding towards her partner.

    2. Cougar Women are Mature: Needless to mention, sugar mommas are more mature in comparison to younger females. They don’t believe in troubling or bothering their younger partners for trivial issues. For instance, she won’t drive you crazy if you forget to wish her on her birthday.

    3. Gives you Space: Yet another advantage of dating a sugar momma is that they are willing to give you all the space that you crave for. They won’t keep chasing you for your undivided attention. Rather, she’ll encourage you to spend alone time with your friends and other companions. She understands what freedom means to men and won’t trouble you by snatching your independence from you.

    4. Helps You in Improving Yourself: Another benefit of being in a relationship with a cougar woman is that she’ll help you in transforming yourself as a person. Sugar mommas understand life and its challenges, which is why she focuses on improving her partner. Cougar women want their partners to develop qualities or chase things that they really want to achieve in life.

    5. Help You in Matters of Career: If you are dating a successful and rich sugar momma then you obviously won’t have to struggle much in terms of establishing your career. Remember, cougar mommas have an extensive network of friends, associates and other individuals and she can definitely help you in entering your choice of industry, business or field.

    6. Experienced in Matters of Life: A sugar momma will never engage in mindless conversations. She knows and understands life and can teach you a thing or two about dealing with in a much better way.

    7. She is Fun: Sugar mommas are fun to be with. They believe in celebrating life instead of pitying themselves or their conditions.

    8. Financial Support: A sugar momma is financially stable and has a lot of money at her disposal. Thus, she can pay for your restaurant bills, movie tickets and other expenses, which is definitely a plus for younger men who are not yet financially independent.

    9. She adds Thrill into Your Life: Sugar mommas can add thrill into their younger partner’s life by teaching them a couple of things about sex and pleasure.

    10: She is a Complete Package: Last but not the least, a sugar momma, irrespective of whether she is single or divorced, is a complete package. She can be your ideal dating partner as she has all the qualities that men generally seek in a woman.

  • Local Cougar Dating in San Antonio Posted by Admin on Jul 18, 2016

    Dating a cougar woman is completely different from dating a young female. Cougar women are far more experienced, mature and polished in their behavior and mannerisms. Thus, if you’re looking forward to enjoy cougar dating in San Antonio then read on to find out more about cougar women and their expectations from their relationships.

    What local Cougars Crave for?

    A cougar woman is basically someone who wants to enjoy a happy, passionate and carefree relationship with men either her age or younger to her. There are many local cougars in San Antonio who are desperate to spice up their lives and go around with younger men. Almost all these cougar women are curious about dating and relationship, either because they are not happy in their existing relationships or because they want more from their lives. When it comes to local mature dating , younger men want to be with older women because they are financially stable and also due to the fact that they are much more confident in their approach. Cougar women are experienced, patient and composed and that’s exactly why younger men are easily attracted to them. When it comes to building relationships, cougar women want to partner with easy going and simple men. They are specifically searching for men who are full of energy and enthusiasm. Unlike younger females who want their dating partners to spend money on their food, clothes and shopping bills, cougar women are simply searching for a partner who is sweet and understanding.

    Tips for Younger Men

    In order to enjoy and date local cougars in San Antonio, younger men first learn to be patient. Remember, a cougar women like any other women dislike being chased. Although she’s interested in dating a younger guy, she would most certainly want to be with men who take his time to approach her. Hence, if you’re unable to acquire her phone number during your first interaction, then be patient and try to win her attention during your next meeting. Also, make sure you are gentle and sophisticated in your approach. Cougar women like men who know how to behave themselves in front of a lady.

    Yet another crucial aspect of local cougar dating is that you must believe that she isn’t attracted to you only because you look young and handsome. When it comes to dating, cougar women crave for men who are emotional, caring and understanding as well. In fact, many cougar women use their intuitions to identify men that are worthy of her attention and time. Hence, if you really keen on dating a cougar woman then give her enough freedom and space and she’ll in turn appreciate you for the same.

    Additionally, you must also ensure that you never behave rudely and arrogantly with your cougar partner. Cougar women don't want a man who treats her badly or puts her down every now and then. In most cases, cougar women have been through bad marriages and relationships and thus she would never want to be with someone who does not respect her or her feelings and emotions.

  • Title: 10 Places to Meet Mature Singles Posted by Admin on Jun 24, 2016

    When it comes to dating older women, younger men should pick the right spots and areas. Thus, if you’re looking to date mature and single women and don't know where to commence your search from, then take a look at these ten places where you can meet mature singles for dating purpose.

    1. Yoga Classes: A number of older women are interested in yoga these days simply because they want to stay fit and relax their minds and bodies. So, if you’re interested in mature women dating then consider enrolling yourself into yoga classes. This would not only provide you with the much desired opportunity to meet and interact with some interesting older women but you will also be able to shed excessive body weight.

    2. Grocery Shop: Grocery shop is yet another interesting spot where you can meet older women. You can initiate a casual chat with her and later ask her out on coffee.

    3. Gym: An increasing number of older women are frequenting gym these days. Thus, you too can take up gym membership and grab an opportunity to speak with older women who are both single and mature. A rule of thumb for older women dating is to be patient and not to chase a woman.

    4. Art Galleries: Older women are also fond of artistic stuff. You could easily walk into an art gallery and casually meet and greet some older women and discuss paintings, art & culture in general before trying your hands at mature dating.

    5. Bars & Night Clubs: Bars and night clubs are certainly some of the best places to enjoy older women dating. Here, you may bump into several like-minded women who are looking to date and have fun.

    6. Dog Parks: Many older women are fond of keeping dogs and hence take their dogs out for a walk in the dog parks. You too can take your dog to these parks and strike a casual conversation about dogs with a woman you feel can be your dating partner.

    7. Dating Websites: Dating websites are one of the ideal places to search for mature single women who want to enjoy dating and spend some alone time with their dating partners. You can easily scan one or more profiles and chat with a couple of ladies to find your perfect dating partner.

    8 Jogger’s Park: A jogging park is yet another spot where you could bump into one or more older women. However, make sure you don’t approach them directly and always start a casual discussion before asking them out on a date.

    9. Social Media Sites: Popular social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter etc. also offer plenty of scope for meeting an interacting with older women. Once you’ve found the women of your dream, you can take things further and enjoy mature women dating like never before.

    10. Volunteering Events: Older women love to offer community service. Hence, younger men can participate in community services and interact with a number of females who share the same passions and desires. Once they’ve found their match, men can take their friendship to the next level.

    To sum up, younger men need to understand that dating can be fun only when you’re with a like-minded partner. Thus, younger men must be in the right spots to meet and interact with older women and find their ideal match.

    Read more at: http://www.olderwomendatingsites.net/

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