• Older Woman Dating Younger Man and Why Age Has Nothing to Do With Love Posted by Admin

    On today’s dating scene we see an increasing number of older women dating younger man and consequently a rise of love relations between older ladies and younger men. Cougar dating has come to be so popular because society has finally understood that love has nothing to do with age.

    In this sense, more and more younger men are willing to date older ladies and find their true love in the arms of a more mature lady.

    Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number

    When it comes to love, age is but a mere number that doesn’t count or add up at all. True love is limitless, is judgement-free and is unconditional of all the limiting and at times distorted societal precepts that he have grown accustomed to.

    It’s until we unlearn all the conditional ideas that we were forced-fed to learn when we were children that we can find our true sense of self, and ultimately true love and happiness.

    One of this ill-conceptions refers to age. Most of today’s society still believes that age plays an important role when it comes to love relations, when in fact is an insignificant aspect of our relationships dynamics. Unless we let it to. Those who have seen the flaws of this outdated concept, are more open to the idea of older women dating younger men and have better chances at finding true love and being happy.

    So what is stopping you from finding your true love?

    Age has nothing to do with love, nor has race or location. Love knows no boundaries of any sorts, and the more you understand this, the happier and more open to opportunities you are.

    Older women dating younger man or cougar dating may be the answer for your quest for true love and happiness, so give it a try!

  • “Age Doesn’t Matter in Love “-- A view on older women dating younger men. Posted by Admin

    Unlike a couple of years ago, the trend of younger men and older women dating has become quite popular. Whether younger men are out there looking for mother figures in their lives or not, it is hard to deny the fact that more and more younger men are seen going out with older women. Professional women who are not married or even have kids are turning to younger and attractive young men for sexual partners and even relationships. 

    Some older women dating younger men like the respect that they get from their partners. Most men their age see them as intimidating and that turns them off. When a younger man is cougar dating, they tend to respect the women for their life and sexual experience. This makes a relationship more fulfilling and rewarding to both parties. The lack of respect between an older woman and a man is definitely a deal breaker especially if the woman is successful too.

    One of the most important things that make a relationship thrive between two people who have a huge age difference is maturity. It is said that age is just but a number and a person’s maturity is what really matters. A woman who well in her late forties or early fifties is not looking to waste time trying to put up with immaturity. She will go for a man that she finds attractive and mature enough to deal with her respectfully. The age of the right man is irrelevant and she can fall for a young man or one who is her age mate.

    There is also the fact of the heart “wanting what it wants.” At times, it is quite hard to understand why young men and Older Women Dating, but once a heart loves, it is quite hard to change that feeling or take it lightly. Older men are known to have been dating and even marrying younger women for hundreds of years without anyone bating an eye; however, women who fell in love with younger men were seen to be seductresses acting against the norms of society. 

    Financial security is another reason that makes dating between older women and younger men attractive. If a young man who is having a hard time getting a job is propositioned by an older woman, the chances of saying no are slim. It does not necessarily mean that all young men are going for cougar dating for the money. Some like the financial security but still have genuine feelings for the older women they are dating.

  • A new study reveals younger men prefer dating older women Posted by Admin

    The term dating basically is a relatively new phenomenon in the human clan. It is that stage where two people meet socially as friends with an aim at assessing each other’s sustainability as an ideal partner. To simplify it further it just means two people trying out a relationship to see if they are compatible with each other or not. Compatibility here may or may not include sexual preferences, but generally sexual preferences, attraction and infatuation are the main reasons for dating.

    Dating preferences may vary from person to person. How these preferences vary depends completely on what people like or get attracted to. Despite society's assumptions about men always needing to find a younger woman, most of the young men actually fancy dating women older than them.

    Cougar basically is a slang which refers to older women dating a younger man. Studies have revealed that men love the company of older women as they feel secure and sexually content with women older to them. Young men these days recognize that older women are busy with juggling so many responsibilities like managing their career, taking care of children, keeping their house neat and tidy, being healthy and fit, managing their finances and of course socializing, which makes them very attractive and a very secure option.

    The way men prefer dating a women older to them, women do not prefer to be a cougar. They like men who make them feel young, are of the same age or a year or two older to them, hardworking, financially secure and socially active. All that women generally prefer is a man who can make them feel secure and sexually satisfy them. Younger men these days have a lot of requests on Cougar Apps for women older than them, they feel a women older to them are more experience in life in all ways, sexually very attractive and can fulfil all of their sexual fantasies.

    A huge list of highly successful, high profile celebrity couples make for young men with an older women.  There is absolutely no particular age for dating, but for a successful relationship to last it needs two highly compatible and understanding people, who love each other, are honest and make sure both of them are secure with each other. For this feeling men prefer dating an older women and are happy with each other’s company.

  • Are older women over 50 dating younger men only for sex? Posted by Admin

    Age gap in a relationship is rarely a matter of concern for women in their fifties these days. In fact, a growing number of older women dating younger men are genuinely interested only in sex and pleasure. Here, discover more about older women and younger men relationships.

    Older Women Dating Younger Men

    Older women, especially the ones who are in their fifties, are going head of heels for younger men in their twenties or thirties, as they make them feel both fun and desirable. While, sex is definitely one of the reasons why older women dating younger men want to be in the relationship forever, cougar women also like it when their younger partners make them feel beautiful and excited about life. Yet another reason why older women looking for younger men are crazy about their younger dating partners is because they are youthful and do not come with any hidden motives at the back of their minds. Older women dating younger men often feel that why things weren’t so beautiful when they were their partner’s age. Hence, they are desperate to experience that beautiful feeling of being in a relationship with younger men.

    Younger men want their older partners to look gorgeous whereas cougar women love the idea of being able to wear their favorite sexy dresses and high heels all over again. Additionally, younger men are far more attractive and charming in comparison to older men who have grey as well as wispy hair on their head. Older women also love the very scent of young men and the freshness that they bring along with them in comparison to older men who are musty and smell horribly bad at times. Older women also like being with younger men because they have a good fashion sense and style of their own. On the contrary, older men have no fashion and styling sense at all. Apart from this, younger men do not have any ex-wives and kids and that saves older women the trouble of listening to sad stories about divorces and break-ups.

    Another reason why older women are fond of their younger dating partners is because they like making love to them. Younger men are desperate to have sex and please their partners on bed and older women find this idea much fascinating. Women in their fifties love wearing sexy under garments and flaunt their bodies. On the other hand, their younger partners are keen to prove that they know much about sex and pleasure. This ignites a sort of fire between the couple and they begin to enjoy such bonding and relationship more than anything else. Cougar women love to lay on the bed with younger men who are free-spirited, adventurous and love to experiment with different moves. In fact, older women can enjoy repeated sex with younger men in a day as opposed to older men who lack the energy of doing it even once.

    In a nutshell, older women dating younger men love such relationships because their younger partners make them feel more confident, smart and independent in comparison to older men.

  • 10 Benefits about Dating Sugar Mommas Posted by Admin

    A good number of young men are fond of sugar mommas simply because they are unlike younger women and are more experienced and mature in matters of dating and sex. So, if you’ve found a cougar women through a sugar momma dating site and are serious about dating her then read on to find top ten benefits of sugar momma dating.

    1. They Understand: One of the biggest benefits of dating a sexy looking single or divorced woman is that they are very understanding by nature. A cougar woman has been through a lot in her personal life and therefore she truly values people who are close to her. A sugar momma dating younger men will be more affectionate and understanding towards her partner.

    2. Cougar Women are Mature: Needless to mention, sugar mommas are more mature in comparison to younger females. They don’t believe in troubling or bothering their younger partners for trivial issues. For instance, she won’t drive you crazy if you forget to wish her on her birthday.

    3. Gives you Space: Yet another advantage of dating a sugar momma is that they are willing to give you all the space that you crave for. They won’t keep chasing you for your undivided attention. Rather, she’ll encourage you to spend alone time with your friends and other companions. She understands what freedom means to men and won’t trouble you by snatching your independence from you.

    4. Helps You in Improving Yourself: Another benefit of being in a relationship with a cougar woman is that she’ll help you in transforming yourself as a person. Sugar mommas understand life and its challenges, which is why she focuses on improving her partner. Cougar women want their partners to develop qualities or chase things that they really want to achieve in life.

    5. Help You in Matters of Career: If you are dating a successful and rich sugar momma then you obviously won’t have to struggle much in terms of establishing your career. Remember, cougar mommas have an extensive network of friends, associates and other individuals and she can definitely help you in entering your choice of industry, business or field.

    6. Experienced in Matters of Life: A sugar momma will never engage in mindless conversations. She knows and understands life and can teach you a thing or two about dealing with in a much better way.

    7. She is Fun: Sugar mommas are fun to be with. They believe in celebrating life instead of pitying themselves or their conditions.

    8. Financial Support: A sugar momma is financially stable and has a lot of money at her disposal. Thus, she can pay for your restaurant bills, movie tickets and other expenses, which is definitely a plus for younger men who are not yet financially independent.

    9. She adds Thrill into Your Life: Sugar mommas can add thrill into their younger partner’s life by teaching them a couple of things about sex and pleasure.

    10: She is a Complete Package: Last but not the least, a sugar momma, irrespective of whether she is single or divorced, is a complete package. She can be your ideal dating partner as she has all the qualities that men generally seek in a woman.

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