• 6 reasons why older women & Younger men relationships last longer Posted by Admin

    Do you know that 40% of relationships nowadays are those between older women and younger men? In fact, not only are these relationships a common occurrence in the 21st century but they also last longer than firstly procrastinated. Indeed, research findings indicate that 80% of older women dating, cougar dating, cases last for long periods compared to other relationship cases. 

    Well, you might be wondering how this is possible, and that is why I have dedicated this article to enlighten you on the reasons why these relationships last longer than initially anticipated. In fact, these reasons revolve around benefits accrued by both the older women as well as younger men from these relationships.

    Without wasting any more time, let us explore reasons why older women dating, cougar dating, types of relationships last longer than previously thought. 

    1. Older women Experience.

    Older women have a lot of experience with regard to dating as well as life situations. Hence, due to these two factors, younger men find cougar dating more appealing than dating a younger lady, who is of their age. The older women experience offers a learning experience for the younger men and this traps them for longer periods than they could have earlier contemplated. The experience of the older women in dealing with different scenarios in life makes younger men they are dating stay in the relationship longer than they could have imagined. 

    2. The financial potential of older women.

    Most women, who enter into older women dating, cougar dating, types of relationships, are wealthy. In other words, they are very influential in these relationships. On the other hand, since younger men get a lot of financial support, which is hard to get from a relationship with a younger lady, they treat these older women with utmost respect that they crave for from a man. As a result, the relationship ends up lasting longer than none could have anticipated. 

    3. Older women are more realistic, rational, and pragmatic in dealing with problems than younger women.

    Older women, cougar dating types of relationships nowadays last for long due to the fact that these women are more realistic as well as pragmatic when handling different situations in the relationship. For example, they accept it when their spouses are derailed by a commitment, may be a degree lesson or examination preparation, which cannot be overlooked. Indeed, it is the opposite with the younger women, who might even quarrel their spouses for such things. For this reason, young men find it hard to depart from these types of relationships. On the other hand, if a dispute erupts, older women are more rational in resolving things. They understand the need for dialogue in resolving a disagreement other than fighting. 

    4. Older women are more Confident than younger women.

    Older women have a lot of self-confidence. This attracts and traps younger men in relationships. In other words, these women are less demanding of a man than the younger women. She needs less attention from a man and this makes her even sexier. Younger men are unable to avoid falling victim of this. As a result, they end up dating these women for longer periods than they could have earlier anticipated. 

    5. Capability of older women to spend quality time with younger men better than they can spend with older men

    The fact that younger men add value to the quality of life spent by older women makes it hard for these women to them go. Older women feel younger with these men and as a result, they do everything within their potentials to sustain them. For this reason, the relationship lasts longer than either of them could have thought at first. 

    6. Independence of Older women

    Older women dating, Mature Dating, relationships, which are an evolution of the 21st century, are lasting longer than previously procrastinated. The independence of older women, in these relationships, is a major contributor to this trend. Actually, the fact that older women are custodians of their own life and are not answerable to anyone makes them irresistible to most young men nowadays. I fact, some of these men have been in relationships, where, their spouses have to inform their parents wherever they want to go out. This pisses these young men off. Now, when they find an older woman, who is free with her life and can do anything without the fear of being grilled by someone, they find it hard to terminate the relationship. As a result, the relationship lasts for long than neither of them could have initially anticipated.

    There you have it, 6 reasons why older women, cougar dating, relationships last longer than previously procrastinated. So, anytime you find a younger man and an old woman in a relationship for longer periods of time than you could have imagined, it is because of one, two or more of the above reasons.

  • How to find your perfect match using cougar dating sites? Posted by Admin

    Online dating is one of the most in things in the present internet era. Both young and old men and women find online dating much more convenient and comfortable as compared to finding a mate face to face or through other sources like friends, family etc. If you are someone who is searching for a perfect dating partner for yourself then cougar dating sites is one of the best options to find one. Many people have found their cougar match on such sites and lived happily ever after. These dating sites are not only authentic and trustworthy but they are quite promising as they can find a match who is absolutely compatible with you.

    Create a genuine profile on cougar sites!

    One thing that separates cougar sites from plethora of dating sites if that profiles uploaded on cougar sites are genuine. You will not be misleading by model like sexy pictures. All the profiles uploaded on these sites are genuine and cross checked. This means you may not find a hot model on the sites but all the women present here will definitely be pleasing as they are genuine and you will not be disappointed after meeting them. So if you too want to find a perfect match for yourself, it’s better to create a genuine profile of yourself. It will be very easy to find a person who is most compatible with you if you search genuinely and with integrity.

    Personality test at these cougar sites!

    Many cougar sites conduct online personality test. Many people who register to such dating sites undertake this personality test so that they can find a mate suitable as per their personality. Even you can undertake the personality test and publish the result on your profile page and Facebook page. It can be a lot of help for other people to judge you and decide whether they are compatible with you or not. Similarly you can also analyse personality test results on other people present on dating sites and decide whether you want to date the person or not.

    Cougar dating sites are good for both men and women!

    Many young and old men and women have joined theses dating sites and the sites have not disappointed any of them. Everyone has found a partner as per their age, likes and expectations on cougar sites. Older women dating can be a very ambiguous thing especially when you are dating online. Women cannot be sure about the age, picture and other details given by the other person as there is no authenticity of the information provided on the profile. Similarly young and old men can also get confused if they are chatting with an older woman with ambiguous profile information. But it is not the case on cougar. Even if you are a woman in your 40’s or 50’s you can be yourself on cougar. Cougar sites will make you meet a person who is in search of you.

  • 8 relationship tips for younger men dating older women Posted by Admin

    What is the first thing that comes to mind about dating an older woman? For a few men this resembles a blessing from heaven, such as satisfying a dream, they trust that a more seasoned accomplice is more experienced and are fit for taking care of connections all the more easily. 

    This is by all account not the only thing more seasoned lady are seen for, they are more develop, fiscally autonomous, and great partners. On the off chance that you are considering dating a more established lady, then there are no need misgivings. 

    Men dating more seasoned ladies are unquestionably not another thing, but rather it has turned out to be well known now than any other time in recent memory. Folks if dating a more seasoned accomplice, and ideally taking it to the following level in turning into a couple is for you, then you need to give some thought to the upsides and downsides to men searching for more seasoned ladies to end up their accomplices. 

    *Decide what sort of relationship you need? 

    Before you choose you should first know what sort of relationship you need? Do you need a transient relationship or a long haul one? It is safe to say that you are hoping to wed as the final product? Attempt and make it clear to yourself what it is you truly need before you begin dating a more seasoned lady. 

    *Your number one need is to have a fabulous time. 

    Dating more seasoned ladies can be a pleasant and energizing background. Be that as it may, the main need is, never forget to have a fabulous time and always see the lighter side of life to appreciate each snapshot of your dating knowledge. When you set your brain that dating a more seasoned lady can be fun, things will work out easily and you will discover bliss in what you do. 

    *Stop stressing what others think. 

    Quit agonizing over what others may consider your relationship. In this general public, albeit numerous may acknowledge the way that age does not make a difference, the length of you adore each other, yet some raise their eyebrows when they see couples together with such an age crevice. 

    *Toy kid remarks ought not to put you off dating a more established lady. 

    At times you may hear a remark like "some lady just get a kick out of the chance to date toy young men" at whatever point a person dates a more seasoned lady, this ought not to stress you a bit. Remarks like this won't make you to a lesser extent a man. Be certain and center your consideration on dating the individual you covet. 

    *Find a lady who is occupied with more youthful men. 

    It is important that you discover a lady who is keen on a more youthful man. You will have a greater shot of achievement to win her heart in the event that you knew for sure that she is likewise inspired by dating a more youthful man. 

    *Keep yourself fit as a fiddle. 

    Go to the exercise center, change your eating routine, and spoil yourself. All these will have the capacity to support your certainty and make you prepared to manage any dismissal later on. Something else, don't keep the experience of dating a more seasoned lady to yourself. 

    You ought to at any rate enlighten your companions regarding it and get them required all the while. Listen to what your companions must say in regards to your relationship, attempt and utilize your judge mint and weigh up the guidance they offer you to settle on any future choices you make in your relationship. 

    *Be a decent conversationalist. 

    Keep in mind to be a decent conversationalist, with the age hole you share, attempt and stay aware of the greatest number of intriguing subjects as you would, you be able to must let her vibe that you can impart legitimately and that you can express your thoughts obviously and imaginatively. 

    Always remember while going on dates with a more seasoned lady, verbal, visual and unpretentious communication is important to make your dating background truly huge. What's more, having a decent comical inclination can make an unwinding environment. 

    *An association with an age hole is not going to be a luxurious situation. 

    Dating a more established lady is not going to be only a luxurious situation, so don't be smothered in the event that you locate a couple of thistles in your roses. Like some other relationship there will undoubtedly be issues, however, when you begin dating mature lady who is a few years more seasoned than you, be prepared for the best and in addition for the most exceedingly awful.

  • Where to Meet Local Cougar? Posted by Admin

    The internet age and the large number of social that we see today has made it possible for people to meet each other. Even more, if you’re looking for dating people that live close to you, the search filters allow you to find them and start dating.

    So, if you’re interested in dating local cougar, you can do this by simply going online and making a simple search.

    But where to meet local cougar exactly? There’s plenty single older women out there looking to date younger men like you. Facebook, Twitter or even Tumblr is a great place to start you search, however there are a lot of specialized dating websites that can help you even further.

    We’re talking CougarLife, Freematuredatingsites.com, SeekingCougar but there’s plenty more cougar dating websites where you can meet local older women for a real-life date.

    If you’re an app user, then maybe you should look into the #1 cougar dating app, Older Women Dating by SuccessfulMatch.com. Currently available in US, UK, Canada and Australia, this app is your partner if you’re looking fun, friendship and love relationships with local cougars.

    With this app you can search for cougar profiles, get their contacts, see who’s viewed your profile and start a conversation.

    However, there’s plenty more websites and means to meet local cougar, but it’s safe to say that the simplest and easiest mean to meet local older women and date them is via the online dating sites available out there.

    If you’ve never dated a cougar before, first off you should know what you’re looking for in an older women. Do you want a lifelong partner, a fun date or a friend?

    Once you know what you want from dating an older woman, you’re ready to start meeting local cougar. Now you know where and how.

  • Older Women Looking for a Younger Man to Date Posted by Admin

    The craze of older women dating younger men has gained more popularity not far back, when Hollywood celebrities started to date and marry younger men publicly.

    Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s marriage as well as stars like Madonna, Mariah Carey or Sandra Bullock have brought a new light on older women dating younger men.

    TV shows like “Sex and the City” have empowered older women even further and thus, today we have an open mind about cougar dating younger men, in fact we admire these women who still got it going on.

    So, why are younger men attracted to cougars and why do older women look for dating younger man?

    First off, older women, also referred to as cougars, have a lot of relationship experience and are wiser and more mature in every sense, compared to younger women. This is one of the reasons why they are sought for by younger men.

    Second, although older, cougars as just as lovable and loving as younger women, perhaps even more, given their past experience, they know a good relationship when they see one, and they are more appreciative to it and to a good man, in general.

    Cougars love dating young, unexperienced men because this type of relationship is very interesting to them part because it makes them feel young once again. Young men, on the other hand, have an unexplained attraction for older women, maybe it’s due to their maturity, experience, wit and the many things that a cougar relationship can teach them.

    Thus, it’s easier to understand why there’s a growing number of mature women looking for younger men to date. The fact that today we’re living in an open minded society, has made it possible for older women to look and find love in the arms of younger men, and settle for life-long relationships. This is a win-win situation for both partners and for love too.

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