10 Reasons why American Older ladies love hooking up with younger men

Posted by Admin on Dec 11, 2016

The basic reasons why a person turns to another are many and varied. Recent trends show that there are older women dating younger guys more than ever before, especially in America. The reasons some have put forward for this include:

1.When a woman starts ageing, according to natural law, her chances of remaining fertile lessens with each day and she looks to satisfy her emotional and sexual urges with men in their physical prime, i.e. younger guys. The compatible libido of an older woman and a man younger to her by 5-7 years is a good match.

2.Older women are more interested to date young men and the men have no complaints either! In an age of commitments and promises, what can be better than a no strings attached relationship?

3.Men who hook up older women are well aware that they give a massive ego boost to the lady when she’s seen with a younger man. It signifies they are still in the running, so to speak. It sends out a strong message that she takes very good care of herself otherwise she wouldn’t be having a young dude on her arm when there are plenty of pretty lasses in the pasture.

4.A young man is physically more attractive and fitter than a man past his prime. This factor weighs heavily on the subconscious of dating older women who are in cougar relationships.

5.Everyone desires control in a relationship and older women have it the best while with younger men. They do not have to be demure or take anything lying down. Being vastly more experienced, they often take control of situations (and for the better if I may add).

6.Men dating older women would be well advised to be funny and full of excitement, for this is exactly what an older woman will gravitate towards; her domestic front is probably boredom personified, but with a younger guy she can bring on the zest.

7.Another reason of older women dating younger men is because of their indifference towards the social status of their partners. They’re not in the relationship for money. They are more than self-sufficient and look to enjoy life while they still can. Thankfully, younger men are not daunted by the success and money of their older counterparts, and quite enjoy being pampered by them.

8.Dating older women helps the man in gaining more experience about life situations which would stand him in good stead. On the part of the women, they have someone to listen to their views, which, although valuable, are often overlooked by their busy husbands, friends and others.

9.Older women love getting attention from younger guys and nothing turns them on more than receiving sincere compliments from a younger guy. This works wonders for her ego.

10.A lot of older women want the company of younger men because of the different thinking of the younger generation, and in the end it becomes a symbiotic relationship in terms of exchange of knowledge; both within and outside closed doors.

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