Reasons why Older women are more attracted to younger men now-a-days

Posted by Admin on Dec 08, 2016

In the current society there are increased cases of younger men falling prey to older women and this has been as a result of societal decay.This has been facilitated by the social network where older women have access to younger men through the dating sites and also through clubs where the older women have easy access to the younger men.

One of the key reasons is that the older women are out to have sexual satisfaction since the young men are more energetic and they are at their prime level sexually. There are no any commitment after they get sexually satisfied from the younger dudes and this makes them feel more secure from awkward comments from the society or family members.

Many older women who are out there for the younger men have experienced crazy moments with their husbands such as frequent fights and misunderstandings, this leads them to the younger men who will respect them and who they will have their total control unlike their husbands.Moreover another greater factor contributing to older women dating younger men is misconception in the society, where women are attracted to the looks of younger men. Women feel like when they date younger men they tend to become young too.

Finances also play a key role in older women dating younger men, women feel they have power to control the young guys since they have the ability to provide for them and in return the young guys comply to the women's demand. 

Due to morally corrupt era in our society today families are not firm enough to cope with issues that come up thus leading to broken relationships. These has led women to hunt for younger men in order for their needs such as companionship and sexual fulfillment to be met and thus women tend to feel secure with younger men.

Cougars seek the younger men for fun and adventure.

The older men do not have time to take them out and have fun together unlike the young men will always be available to the ladies since they are eager to experience cool moments in different places. The young guys are also free to interact with the ladies and enjoy their talks despite the immaturity. Time is also a major factor that leads to the older women going for young dudes, the young guys will always be there when the woman needs them since the older woman do not require so much from the younger men.

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