Cougar-Cub Dating and Relationships in Canada

Posted by Admin on Nov 22, 2016

Older men have been dating young girls in Canada for decades and it seems that the type of relationship is widely accepted ever since it began, Although it has raised some eyebrows, but nobody seems to care about who dates who. But recently in the last few years it has been found that older woman have been dating young cubs and people are okay with it too.

This kind of relationship started to trend in Canada and in the USA ever since celebs started to show off their relationship and both of them are quite happy with each other. People now are not just aware of the relationship, but some of them are interested in this king of relationship as well. They have been accepted as a normal and healthy relationship and no one needs to keep it as a secret. Mature and experienced woman needs to have some fun to and that is what they are doing.

Cougar cubs in Canada know very well what they are going into. In fact if you ask young boys these days whether they would like to be in a relationship like that or not, then most of them will say that yes they would love to. Cougar woman these days are career oriented women and have excelled in their respective careers. In fact they have enough money to party every day and take care of their young cubs as well. They are far more mature than the young boys and know how to handle themselves and their life. Young boys on the contrary like the fact that the woman they are dating is mature, sensible, smart and successful. They are not young girls and the boys know that the woman will be dead serious in the relationship. So cougar dating cub is not something unusual, rather it is a relationship where the young boys likes the maturity of the woman.

Now many people, especially woman know that they will be questioned by many for the kind of relationship they have. So if you are a woman over 40 and want to get into this type of relationship, then you need to mentally prepare yourself. Firstly you need to think too much because Cougar dating in Canada is very common. Secondly, you need to prepare yourself keeping in mind that your boyfriend will be almost 10 to 15 years younger than you in age and experience.

When it comes to boys, they seem to have no problem dating an older woman. In fact they like the company of someone they can really talk to. Woman over 40 are smart, sexy and knows how to flirt. So they can keep the spark on even after the age gap. They can help them to make important decisions regarding career, life and family. Most importantly they are supportive and bold in the way they behave no matter what. That is what makes her so intimidating to younger men and they would definitely want to ne with someone like her.

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