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Are you planning to hook up with someone who will make your life more beautiful? What ideas do you have? If none, you can try dating a cougar or a sugar daddy depending on your gender; it’s fun and gives a more fulfilling life. Do you know how to distinct between the two? I heard a friend confusing sugar dating for cougar dating. What makes the two different?

Differences between Cougar Dating and Sugar Daddy Dating

Often times than not, people tend to complicate sugar daddy dating and cougar dating based on relatively regular basis. They find it hard to draw a distinction between the two. What are some of the differences?

· Composition – Sugar daddy dating consists of an older well established man who courts a young woman. The sugar daddy is very handsome, wealthy and knows how to treat younger ladies. A cougar dating involves an elder very beautiful and financially stable woman who courts a younger male. The old cougar is usually financially independent and very attractive.

·Age difference – Sugar daddy dating is where the man is older and more mature than the lady by far. In cougar dating, the woman is older than the male counterpart. In most cases, the younger counterpart is almost 10 to 15 years younger than them. The older partner is more mature and experienced during the relationship; they have the basic tips that are needed to maintain the relationship and can take care of their partner effectively. Since they are also more experienced and successful in their respective careers, they help their younger partners in every possible way to achieve their dreams.

·Power – In Sugar Daddy dating, the man is in power. Younger women also called sugar babies love the idea of dating a rich well off guy. This is because; the man is capable of handling all the tantrums from the younger woman and fulfills her wishes and desires. Young ladies prefer old wealthy men to young men. This is simply sugar daddies like pampering their sugar babies and spoiling them with their favorite gifts as well as supporting them financially.

On the other hand, in cougar dating the sugar momma is in power. The women are mature and more sensible unlike younger women who need a lot of love, attention and appreciation from their counterparts; they do not want young men to pamper them. Instead, the cougar is interested in supporting, listening to the young man, offering sex and intimacy as well as supporting them financially when need be.

Tips of sugar dating and cougar dating

·Ensure you keep the fire alive. Make sure there is sizzling romance and chemistry between the two partners.

·Don’t be a stalker; as the younger counterpart, live a busy life without stalking your partner. Maybe, they are not interested in making the relationship public.

· Ensure you impress your partner at all times.

·Be open minded

·Be realistic and clear on what you can offer your partner

·Set boundaries.

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