• “Age Doesn’t Matter in Love “-- A view on older women dating younger men. Posted by Admin on Jul 25, 2016

    Unlike a couple of years ago, the trend of younger men and older women dating has become quite popular. Whether younger men are out there looking for mother figures in their lives or not, it is hard to deny the fact that more and more younger men are seen going out with older women. Professional women who are not married or even have kids are turning to younger and attractive young men for sexual partners and even relationships. 

    Some older women dating younger men like the respect that they get from their partners. Most men their age see them as intimidating and that turns them off. When a younger man is cougar dating, they tend to respect the women for their life and sexual experience. This makes a relationship more fulfilling and rewarding to both parties. The lack of respect between an older woman and a man is definitely a deal breaker especially if the woman is successful too.

    One of the most important things that make a relationship thrive between two people who have a huge age difference is maturity. It is said that age is just but a number and a person’s maturity is what really matters. A woman who well in her late forties or early fifties is not looking to waste time trying to put up with immaturity. She will go for a man that she finds attractive and mature enough to deal with her respectfully. The age of the right man is irrelevant and she can fall for a young man or one who is her age mate.

    There is also the fact of the heart “wanting what it wants.” At times, it is quite hard to understand why young men and Older Women Dating, but once a heart loves, it is quite hard to change that feeling or take it lightly. Older men are known to have been dating and even marrying younger women for hundreds of years without anyone bating an eye; however, women who fell in love with younger men were seen to be seductresses acting against the norms of society. 

    Financial security is another reason that makes dating between older women and younger men attractive. If a young man who is having a hard time getting a job is propositioned by an older woman, the chances of saying no are slim. It does not necessarily mean that all young men are going for cougar dating for the money. Some like the financial security but still have genuine feelings for the older women they are dating.

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