• A new study reveals younger men prefer dating older women Posted by Admin on Jul 24, 2016

    The term dating basically is a relatively new phenomenon in the human clan. It is that stage where two people meet socially as friends with an aim at assessing each other’s sustainability as an ideal partner. To simplify it further it just means two people trying out a relationship to see if they are compatible with each other or not. Compatibility here may or may not include sexual preferences, but generally sexual preferences, attraction and infatuation are the main reasons for dating.

    Dating preferences may vary from person to person. How these preferences vary depends completely on what people like or get attracted to. Despite society's assumptions about men always needing to find a younger woman, most of the young men actually fancy dating women older than them.

    Cougar basically is a slang which refers to older women dating a younger man. Studies have revealed that men love the company of older women as they feel secure and sexually content with women older to them. Young men these days recognize that older women are busy with juggling so many responsibilities like managing their career, taking care of children, keeping their house neat and tidy, being healthy and fit, managing their finances and of course socializing, which makes them very attractive and a very secure option.

    The way men prefer dating a women older to them, women do not prefer to be a cougar. They like men who make them feel young, are of the same age or a year or two older to them, hardworking, financially secure and socially active. All that women generally prefer is a man who can make them feel secure and sexually satisfy them. Younger men these days have a lot of requests on Cougar Apps for women older than them, they feel a women older to them are more experience in life in all ways, sexually very attractive and can fulfil all of their sexual fantasies.

    A huge list of highly successful, high profile celebrity couples make for young men with an older women.  There is absolutely no particular age for dating, but for a successful relationship to last it needs two highly compatible and understanding people, who love each other, are honest and make sure both of them are secure with each other. For this feeling men prefer dating an older women and are happy with each other’s company.

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