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  • ILikeFun ( 20 / C / Melbourne, Victoria )

    I am not fussy about any date ideas having a good fun talk or long walk at any location is fine.

  • Gerrett17 ( 63 / C / Baldwin, NY )

    We will meet somewhere of your choice I tell you what I'm wearing. You remain anonymous decide if you want to meet me. That's it.

  • Jamesharry ( 24 / C / Melbourne, Victoria )

    I like simple things and quite places. Meeting at a park the beach or a house would be ideal. Anyplace that's not noise or crowded

  • KingMetoyer ( 20 / C / Houston, TX )

    My first date has to be a good bonding experience. Somewhere we both want to go to do something entertaining.

  • lifeMarvl ( 29 / C / Milwaukee, WI )

    Something that involves a lot of laughter. Everything is well fall into place if we can laugh together

  • A_Schwartz123 ( 35 / C / Chicago, IL )

    A great first date for me would just be to wing it and be as spontaneous as we can be. Maybe grab a bite to eat, a cocktail or two if you prefer, who knows maybe even a city tour helicopter ride.

  • cougrb8 ( 37 / C / Oakland, CA )

    No real agenda. We can just connect and see how we hit off. Coffe, tea, a walk, anything at allows us to break the ice.

  • AshSherpa ( 22 / C / Farmington, UT )

    anything works for a first date, I let the ladies pick the first place :)

  • Hammer3030 ( 38 / C / Pittsburgh, PA )

    My idea is maybe go bowling or something maybe if it is nice out go horseback riding becouse i've never been on a horse and i always wanted to try it.

  • Meliodas_Rolling ( 21 / C / Ingleside, TX )

    This is not something I prepared to answer.

  • Tyho1991 ( 38 / C / Chatham, IL )

    Just looking for discreet fun with older women for free..............

  • Lovtocumnwatch ( 45 / C / Muncie, IN )

    No dates please, I'm looking for someone to use me for their pleasure's please.

  • erik_bold ( 24 / C / Valley Village, CA )

    I would like to meet in your place or my place and have some drinks. Talk about each other know more about each other.

  • Nsd21221 ( 21 / C / Perry, MI )

    To me the ideal first date is meeting and having idle convorsation over coffee, then taking a nice long walk and possibly going to the mall, i just enjoy spending time with someone i'm interested in

  • Devan2016 ( 20 / C / Texarkana, TX )

    Bowling, food, and then whatever she wants to do.