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  • AsianPanda1995 ( 22 / C / Arcadia, CA )

    A nice cozy cafe, grab a drink and maybe some snacks, great place to start to get to know each other. A bit cliche but effective.

  • Chadybombaddy ( 22 / C / Bethany, OK )


  • Robusto41 ( 26 / C / Phoenix, AZ )

    I love going to local mom & pop coffee shops. We can grab a seat then sip on a soothing cup joe.. and if we are enjoying the company we could go for a nice walk or grab a bite to eat? What are you thinking?

  • Sands91 ( 27 / C / Boise, ID )

    I'd like to get coffee and talk, maybe go for a walk somewhere and just get to know one another

  • ethelwulf7 ( 22 / C / New York, NY )

    Getting to know each other. Have a coffee or some sort of meal and talk to each other

  • JB1997 ( 20 / C / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Personally a perfect first date would be just getting to know them and really it could be done anywhere. Lunch at a cafe seems like a good choice to me.

  • Johntejada ( 22 / C / Toronto, ON )

    Grab some coffee or lunch, maybe some drinks and see how the date goes

  • strongandtamed44 ( 26 / C / Las Vegas, NV )

    a breakfast and or lunch to talk and get to know one another

  • Neoguy ( 67 / C / Solon, OH )

    Perhaps a quick lunch after we've chatted a bit.

  • Dbk4191 ( 27 / C / Houston, TX )

    Something a little to eat. Don't want to stuff our faces while we try and talk :)

  • candytesttest ( 33 / C / Los Angeles, CA )


  • Gunnulfbjorn ( 21 / C / Las Cruces, NM )

    I know a nice Greek Cafe that has amazing gyros. Its a nice friendly atmosphere, and I believe it'd be a nice place to get to know someone!

  • nowkali ( 25 / C / Sterling Heights, MI )

    Coffee to get to know one another

  • usama_1991 ( 27 / C / glenroy, Victoria )

    We can always start off with a nice small coffee shop, which has this special feeling of comfort and I can cook some good food so if you are up for spaghetti, I am all in for you.

  • sugarnut10 ( 21 / C / Sterling, VA )

    Go and maybe meet at a coffee shop talk for a bit get to know each other and see what each other wants and then see about the next date.