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  • View author's info ( 24, Cub / Man | Torrance, CA, USA )

    Sushi. We can then karaoke:)

  • View author's info ( 20, Cub / Man | Adelaide, South Australia, Australia )

    Movies and dinner?

  • View author's info ( 29, Cub / Man | Boston, MA, USA )

    a nice lunch and a talk is always a good way to get started.. how about it?

  • View author's info ( 47, Cub / Man | San Antonio, TX, USA )

    Take a nice lunch, then go to the park or somewhere to enjoy the afternoon. Then open to how the day goes, either say goodbye for now or make other plans.

  • View author's info ( 20, Cub / Man | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    Go out have a nice dinner together and talk to get to know each other then go from there.

  • View author's info ( 51, Cub / Man | Rochester, MN, USA )


  • View author's info ( 40, Cub / Man | Hayward, CA, USA )

    I believe in starting small so there is no pressure or obligation. Then we can talk on plan on what to do from there. I do like hike and taking walks due to being very active.

  • View author's info ( 66, Cougar | Melbourne, FL, USA )

    That first conversation surely sets the tone. Chemistry is or just "ain't" (pardon the vernacular). Honesty and being forthright pays enormous dividends.

  • View author's info ( 38, Cub / Man | Taipei, Tai-wan, Taiwan )

    Taipei 101 Zara H&M Jason's

  • View author's info ( 22, Cub / Man | Crawley, England - Sussex, GBR )

    Maybe go for a pizza

  • View author's info ( 27, Cub / Man | Albertville, AL, USA )

    Just a simple lunch to figure out what each other wants then we go from there.

  • View author's info ( 21, Cub / Man | Raleigh, NC, USA )

    I'm not really a fan of going to the movies or going out for coffee or anything like that, I find it hard to get to know someone in such a busy place. The first time I go out with you, I want it to be somewhere that we c...  see more >>

  • View author's info ( 33, Cub / Man | Scranton, PA, USA )

    First date description it self

  • View author's info ( 27, Cub / Man | Madison, WI, USA )

    Just a casual meeting to get to know one another. Doesn't have to be anything extravagant. Just casual and comfortable!

  • View author's info ( 21, Cub / Man | Sydney, New South Wales, Australia )

    First date should get to know each other and what we're both seeking :)