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  • RayJusLookin ( 31 / C / Atlanta, GA )

    How about we foul out to dinner to get to know each other and then we wipp see where it goes from there.

  • Vlad_the_Impaler ( 25 / C / Baldwin Park, CA )

    How about we have a candlelight dinner then have a walk on the beach? I love sushi, but really not too picky.

  • Kaarsh ( 20 / C / Eschwege, Hessen )

    I don't enjoy eating in general, so meeting in a restaurant would mostly just bore me. I'd rather use the opportunity to actually learn more about you and your interests. I'm fine with most other locations, be it a mall...  read more >>

  • Orlanzo ( 23 / C / Wilmington, DE )

    Lets just take a walk. You can learn a lot about someone on a walk.

  • terryelder ( 20 / C / Bryan, TX )

    I heard that the mall over in college station has some place where there are like all these puppies and for 30 cents you can play with them. Honestly I am probably going to go and do that soon anyway but still good date...  read more >>

  • sirnym ( 22 / C / welkom, Free State )

    How about we waste no time and start our own close contact?

  • bryant_s ( 22 / C / Lafayette, CA )

    Do something fun in Bay Area, get some good food, and catch some good views.

  • Seethestars ( 50 / C / Harrison, MI )

    What ever sounds good to both of us let's do it!!!!

  • DickMastereson ( 28 / C / Mississauga, ON )

    A Nice energetic teaching session that builds up to release the weekly tension

  • GoodFux ( 39 / C / Melbourne, Victoria )

    First we meet somewhere for a coffee or a drink and see if what we thought online holds up to the real life version. If we both feel like we should continue then we could go anywhere or nowhere and still have a great tim...  read more >>

  • andrewe0000 ( 33 / C / Barnet, England - London )

    If you want to know what kind of date I would take you on...why don't you find out?

  • DanK70 ( 30 / C / Falls, PA )

    I'm up for anything. Even something crazy like skydiving, or a relaxing ride on my kayaks or more casual take you out for dinner or I can cook for you. Take a hike someplace or meet someplace were we can walk and hangout...  read more >>

  • Sapphic_goddess ( 21 / C / Charlotte, NC )

    I love adventures so on a first date I would take somebody to see the town. Or places they have never been but always wanted to go.

  • COFun13 ( 30 / C / Erie, CO )

    Meet for a quick coffee or drink and then spend the afternoon outdoors exploring and taking in an event. A nice relaxed day that will leave plenty of time to talk and laugh. If all goes well, maybe we can get a bite to e...  read more >>

  • RyanXD ( 22 / C / Houston, TX )

    How about a nice long drive around the city, or going to the park and just spending time with each other. I am open to many suggestions!