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  • RIIJ93 ( 24 / C / San Francisco, CA )

    We can take a stroll along the water or wander in a park. Let's stop for a coffee along the way and find some place secluded to chat. When we first meet, I want to get to know you, not just your social niceties.

  • billbo625 ( 30 / C / South Haven, MI )

    My idea of a fun time would be a long hike through some scenic trails at a state or national park. Or summertime camping and just enjoying the outdoors.

  • PrairieCougar ( 58 / C / Story, WY )

    Sitting on the tailgate ... just chatting & learning about each other.

  • Kingdoe143 ( 31 / C / Los Angeles, CA )

    Lets Take a long walk on the beach and get to know eachother

  • Surf12 ( 26 / C / Los Angeles, CA )

    something spontaneous but relaxing

  • mnich1989 ( 28 / C / Suwanee, GA )

    The first time we meet may be over a cup of coffee. However if we like each other, a hike outside of Helen on a cool day is a fun way to bond!

  • teacherterry ( 58 / C / Guelph, ON )

    Go for a hike in the forest or a kayak trip on the river

  • Jack3776 ( 21 / C / Mechanicsburg, PA )

    Hiking in the woods or going fishing.

  • Chip7136 ( 19 / C / Peoria, IL )

    I love walking at Robinson park, it's a beautiful park with beautiful scenery

  • WillMeltU ( 42 / C / Ann Arbor, MI )

    Go for a walk in the park or beach, basically somewhere in nature and low pressure for both of us.

  • whitewolf_2017 ( 26 / C / McHenry, IL )

    Outdoors in nature is a more relaxed and peaceful environment. Why not join me for a tour of the nature parks in Illinois. Enjoy the beautiful views of Oak Hickory Savannah, and smell the wildflowers as we stroll by.

  • Livinmylife ( 47 / C / Detroit, MI )

    A nice walk by the river and light dinner with live music sounds like an awesome first date.

  • Phantomscat11 ( 19 / C / San Antonio, TX )

    I love going to berone lake if anyone knows where that is I like movies favorite movie series twilight I'm into long talks over viewing a city at a high up spot

  • friskyjunior ( 19 / C / Woodstock, GA )

    I think one of the best dates you could possibly have is taking a lovely hike. It gives you a chance to bond with the other person while also providing the comfort of nature.

  • richforolder ( 34 / C / Truro, England - Cornwall )

    love to meet for quiet drink then go on nice walk