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  • VistaVis ( 27 / C / Altadena, CA )

    Let's go to a museum or art gallery and look at something amazing.

  • Thedandyman813 ( 30 / C / Tampa, FL )

    We would go the history center and look at all the classic ideals, then I would treat you to lunch where we can share how we are and then go back to my place and yours and cuddle and kiss till we fall asleep in each othe...  read more >>

  • rockstarboytoy ( 22 / C / Providence, RI )

    how about we meet up and have a chat... your place :)

  • jjc414 ( 20 / C / Camden, NJ )

    I'm open to all new experiences

  • georgejesus ( 47 / C / Tucson, AZ )

    Breakfast is always a good start or brunch or lunch. Art museum, not modern. Talk, walk, hold hands maybe.

  • Sagittarius30 ( 26 / C / New York, NY )

    This place is awesome I would recommend it for any 1st date

  • ro320653 ( 56 / C / Newport News, VA )

    Horseback ridding,lunch and walk in the park/on the beach would be ideal.

  • nyccreative ( 22 / C / New York, NY )

    Guggenheim Whitney MoMa New Museum

  • luvrboy ( 22 / C / Chicago, IL )

    We would look at art.

  • Firemedic22 ( 32 / C / Los Altos, CA )

    I'll take you to the academy of science in San Francisco. They have an "adult night" once a week where you can go get wine beer or cocktails while you explore the planetarium and all the exhibits. It's amazing

  • LittleFrench1994 ( 24 / C / Montreal, QC )

    Lets go exploring the city and new exhibition in one of the various museum of Montreal before getting a nice elaborated cocktail/wine in an original bar. Psychological connection comes before the physical.

  • mlightand ( 48 / C / Cincinnati, OH )

    How about we go some place quiet but lots of people, like the museum or a an art or car show. its a nice to place to talk to and open the door for getting to know lots about each other in a short time.

  • RyVallejo ( 20 / C / Plano, TX )

    I would love to pick your brain at an art exhibit. I am very passionate about the arts, and love seeing their eyes when they speak passionately about an art piece.

  • Radiopunk ( 22 / C / Cincinnati, OH )

    Taking the most creative selfies in a museum with out being kicked out by security

  • Bengy101 ( 24 / C / Hanford, CA )

    I just go with the Flow, so I'm pretty much down to do anything an try something new