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  • Mikelittlehills ( 26 / C / Elmhurst, NY )

    Dont have an ideal 'first date' to be honest. I always like anything in which good conversation is involved. Whether meeting up for coffee, lunch, cocktails, or just a walk. On a different note also; if we're on the same...  read more >>

  • Michaelsieg ( 32 / C / Fort Myers, FL )

    I’d love to meet for a bite to eat and drinks breakfast brunch or dinner. I want to spend the day falling in love with you at the beach in a hotel or walking the town hand in hand. I’m affectionate and would love to...  read more >>

  • Dally87 ( 31 / C / Saint Clair, MO )

    I would like to go out somewhere nice with good food and activities available maybe have a candle light dinner and drink some jack & coke

  • CharmingJustin ( 46 / C / Los Angeles, CA )

    It takes two to tangle. We can make a difference with out perfect first date idea.

  • Jbrian335 ( 51 / C / Cape Town, Western Cape )

    How about we have a drink, then we go see a movie together or probably we go walking on the beach

  • davido2017 ( 34 / C / Owings Mills, MD )

    a candle night dinner , with a walk around the park ..

  • nofacel ( 19 / C / London, England - London )

    We could start the day off by going to a movie, then after that go to a nice restaurant for dinner. Then book into a hotel to relax and have some fun that can be enjoyed from the comfort of inside 😏

  • ggallow2 ( 32 / C / Arlington, TX )

    We both deserve more then the physical appearance I want to know your mind your intentions what are you compassion for what makes you cry what brings you Joy but. I want to build a long-term friendship cuz at the end of...  read more >>

  • romanceNmanners ( 33 / C / Menomonee Falls, WI )

    What do you truly wish your dream date would be like? That's what I want to give you.

  • TreLong ( 34 / C / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    Let's take a walk along the beach. If we like each other at first site then we can proceed to get a bite to eat. The sky is the limit from there! 😊

  • thisstudforu ( 36 / C / Tulsa, OK )

    Depends on the city....something outdoors for sure with lots of sunshine and as close to the water as possible

  • Marcothrobb ( 20 / C / Rochester, NY )

    An ideal first date would start out with coffee or tea. (whichever you prefer) From there we could mingle and get to know each other better to see whether or not we should continue the date somewhere more fun. This is by...  read more >>

  • Carl80 ( 37 / C / Wichita, KS )

    Watching an excellent movie and debating the pro and con of said movie, possibly with libations.

  • dndiefam ( 26 / C / Fayetteville, AR )

    We would meet at an agreed upon place. Its a warm , sunny, beautiful day out. We see each other,,wave,, and walk towards each other. We are both smiling big smiles. We say 'hello!" and give a hug,,,which lingers jus...  read more >>

  • CleoStarryEyes ( 37 / C / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Somewhere beautiful and quiet