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  • bradbro ( 20 / C / Merion Station, PA )

    I would love to take a walk on the wild side and walk through the city of Philadelphia and indulge in the finest eateries that the city has to offer.

  • pandabearthomas ( 19 / C / Ottawa, ON )

    Adventure adventure adventure! I love traveling and most of all, food from other places, if you have some exotic local foods, I would love to come!

  • keenanfromlimbo ( 22 / C / Lawrenceville, GA )

    I enjoy eating at different great tasting restaurants, live music, music cafes, hiking or any outdoor adventures, and enjoying art exhibits/museums.

  • Babyboyjody91 ( 26 / C / Decatur, GA )

    We can go on a date on the rooftop somewhere beautiful so I can enjoy every moment of our time together

  • Burton681 ( 23 / C / Hartford, CT )

    Make an awesome dish at home

  • wilsonrc ( 23 / C / Ellicott City, MD )

    Go to the grocery store so you can meet me around plenty of people, decide whether I am worthy as I buy ingredients for our dinner, head back to one of our residences, and make dinner. Then see how the night goes, and pl...  read more >>

  • Justindaniel1989 ( 29 / C / Ramer, AL )

    River boat - live music and nice dinner ..great view.

  • Justindaniel7 ( 29 / C / Montgomery, AL )

    Riverboat date :) music and nice food

  • cjnuya ( 23 / C / Caroline Springs, Victoria )

    I'll cook something up

  • Mrc1996 ( 22 / C / Ironton, OH )

    I love to cook, but not normal eats. I like to experiment and make up my own strange concoctions

  • looktoyou ( 35 / C / Minneapolis, MN )

    If we like each other after chatting for awhile, there are tons of great restaurants in the Twin Cities. We could enjoy great food and learn more about each other!

  • jtjames ( 29 / C / Aynor, SC )

    Craft cocktails to open things up, Leading to an amazing dinner w/ wine pairings for each course touching on everything from ocean fare to something hearty that would pair great with a big, bold red. Afterwards an amazin...  read more >>

  • alex2nder ( 27 / C / Santa Barbara, CA )

    How about we have dinner, see if we are on the same wavelength, and hopefully start a relationship that benefits both of us.

  • BrunoMar ( 23 / C / zagreb, Grad Zagreb )

    glass of vine some fingerlicking food and laughter

  • ReadyYoungCub ( 31 / C / Astoria, NY )

    I have been used to going to restaurants like apple bees, Fridays etc... I am looking to experience something new. I want to try many foods and most of all enjoy them with you.