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27, Cub / Man | 218 Gold ave SW, albuquerque, NM 87102, Albuquerque, New Mex...

A text from you " Would you like to go to lunch?". Us meeting somewhere for lunch with a great view, good vibe, some nice drinks and good conversation. Some shopping maybe visit some thrift stores. If the date goes well, some mini golf or any other fun activity.
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29, Cub / Man | whatever we decide, Blaine, Minnesota, USA

whatever we think might be fun at the moment... got take every moment for what it is
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38, Cub / Man | Cocoa, Florida, USA

We go get bite to eat to get to know each other then off to do some activitie she enjoys. Then couple drinks and dinner maybe catch a movie or what ever she likes. Then it goes how she wants . always respect her decisions
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31 | Victoria Park Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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24, Cub / Man | anywhere tbh, Columbus, Ohio, USA

anything active, surfing, rock climbing, coffee + a walk
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22, Cub / Man | 78599, Weslaco, Texas, USA

go out for ice cream or hot chocolate depending the weather, pedi or a manicure or both, also go for a nice massage a day to relax.
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25, Cub / Man | Culdesac, Idaho, USA

Coffee and conversation. To get to know each other better. Maybe talk about what plans we want to do with each other. I am generally down for anything. If all goes well Mayne we catch a movie and then snuggle a bit.
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34, Cub / Man | Indianapolis in, Avon, Indiana, USA

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51, Cougar | Newark, Ohio, USA

Casual of course...been awhile so might have to think a little on this !!
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39, Cub / Man | sunrise, Sunrise, Florida, USA

something fun and interactive
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30, Cub / Man | try, Denver, Colorado, USA

something unpredictable
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41, Cub / Man | 15th st NW,, Barberton, Ohio, USA

I guess an ideal first date would be pretty simple for me. I don't really set any expectations on meeting someone. if I start to have any expectations I am just going to be let down. so with that said, I really enjoy cooking and culinary experiences that are unique and fulfilling. hopefully a conversation over shared music interests and concert experiences will lead into something like dancing or going to an open mic.. maybe a nice Meetup at a park or local recreational area with pets would be something that would keep both of us engaged and not able to complain or be unhappy with. I love to get to know people and learn about people so that I can be a supportive and enjoyable person to be around. I don't really drink but I do enjoy a few games of billiards so local taverns with pool tables don't bother me. I also do like I am pushed out of my comfort zone and forced to be vulnerable in a sense where my ability to adapt and learn usually shows an attractive side of my personality. I'm very easy going and agreeable so as long as I'm around somebody who also understands simple principles like this I'm sure we can vibe doing almost anything.
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61, Cub / Man | interlachen, Palatka, Florida, USA

over coffee
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73, Cub / Man | 631 N Stephanie St Henderson NV 89014, Henderson, Nevada, US...

Drinks at Starbucks
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18, Cub / Man | Toledo Ohio no tell me about it my, Toledo, Ohio, USA

Going out to a dinner and then maybe go dance afterwards we love moviesmaybe go sightseeing I have a picnic all sorts of fun stuff we can do for a first date me and my wife are looking for a couple if possible or somebody who's willing to explore explore
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34, Cub / Man | anywhere secluded enough, San Diego, California, USA

doing something fun that leads to feeling frisky
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31, Cub / Man | 37745, Greeneville, Tennessee, USA

a magic carpet ride.
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40, Cub / Man | patchwork lane, Whittier, North Carolina, USA

finding someone that I click with and just hitting it off together from the time we meet to til as long as I'm happy with that person. Which ideally would be a friend for life and my partner that I could trust,believe in, and love no matter what ,you know my ride or die girl ! That's always up for whatever we find and has the strength to back me up! I don't mean necessarily that you must be physically strong. But definitely mentally strong. Not that I want to play head games with. But that she knows that I always will have her back too! You know what I mean?
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41, Cub / Man | meet up at dam lake and enjoy, Hermitage, Tennessee, USA

lol her with no panties and wanting me lick anytime
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47, Cub / Man | Laporte Indiana, La Porte, Indiana, USA

Go to dinner catch a movie and maybe drinks afterwards

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