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21, Cub / Man | anywhere anytime, Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA

drinking, painting, and fun 😉. in any order.
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42, Cub / Man | any, Essex, GBR

due what we want...
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37, Cub / Man | East Orange, New Jersey, USA

Body painting or private sip & paint
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37, Cub / Man | Islington, GBR

My ideal date would be going to an art gallery then having some lunch
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33, Cub / Man | Joshua Tree, Palm Desert, California, USA

I love to get some art supplies and find a beautiul spot outside to sit down and create art... Let's do it.
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25, Cub / Man | Anywhere, San Leandro, California, USA

To be honest I want to put this in the "just can't be categorized" section but at the same time: arts & crafts and food just sounds like heaven to me. But show me something that YOU are passionate about, what gets YOUR engine revving? That is what I wish for the most regardless of what it is.
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26, Cub / Man | Ocho Rios, Parish of Saint Ann, JAM

Creating pottery and then having a casual dinner, eg. pizza. Or a walk on the beach and then dinner.
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40, Cub / Man | Bookstore, Ivins, Utah, USA

My ideal place for a first date would be at a bookstore where we could discuss or favorite authors and genre's.
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32, Cub / Man | Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Let's start with a picnic on a nice warm day. Of course my camera will be there. Show my camera your sensitive side, your silly side, your sexy side and I'll show you mine
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55, Cub / Man | Memphis, Tennessee, USA

oh wow thats cool as anything that you sew . im an upholsterer sewng is a big part of my job i use a consew model 226-r2 i am not on the hunt for sex or anything like that just a pal. im not ruling anything out but really just wantg a pal with same intrests
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26, Cub / Man | Leverett, Massachusetts, USA

We would go to a paint and sip, so not only can we be engaged in conversation but also do something interactive. After if we are not too tipsy, probably try to see a movie. Then see where the rest of the night goes from there.
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38, Cub / Man | Washington, D.C., USA

Maybe go to a sip and paint and get to know a little about each other.
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52, Cub / Man | Birstall Retail Park, near Leeds., Yorkshire, GBR

Would arts and crafts or a nice meal at an Italian Restaurant or what ever food you enjoy. May be taken a film. Photo to follow............
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42, Cub / Man | beach, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA

Just whatever the lady likes keep in mind i love new experience and i catch on fast bottom line keep me intrigued ladues
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27, Cub / Man | La Jolla, San Diego, California, USA

Maybe grab some food and go to a museum or gallery and get a chance to talk and chill
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31, Cub / Man | grapevine tx, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

How about painting with a twist or a walk downtown
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34, Cub / Man | Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA

Something great so we could have a great time to remember that's all about having fun.
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27, Cub / Man | Her House, ZAF

Painting that results to the true natures of ourselves being released that raw situation filled with passion especially physical passion
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42, Cub / Man | Reddi-art's, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Maybe doing some art work and hanging out.
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27, Cougar | San Diego, California, USA

I'm open to all date ideas but I am an artist so anything art related would really give me a chance to express myself. I won't turn down a nice night out to eat or a movie at home

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