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41, Cub / Man | San Clemente, Irvine, California, United States

Find a cozy cafe and have a great conversation to get to know each other.
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34, Cub / Man | Staffordshire, Dorset, United Kingdom

Alternative music sounds good. would you like to grab a coffee together?
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29, Cub / Man | Earth City, Missouri, United States

Meet for a cup of coffee and maybe a little bite to eat. I feel as if meeting for something simple, it doesnt have all the stress of like a dinner date and the attention would be on each other. But I am up for your ideal first date bcause its about you.
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30, Cub / Man | Milano, Italy

Not everyone is lucky to be able to spend their lives loving that perfect person, some might just disappear but you should have the courage to live with it. One day you shall meet your perfect match, someone you can love, someone you can look upto, someone you can adore, someone who is just perfect for you.
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25, Cub / Man | Anywhere, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Lets do something fun? your very beautiful, i am new to this whole thing but i think we would get along you seem very down to earth and honest.
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21, Cub / Man | Morganton, North Carolina, United States

How about spending some time on a cat cafe, just cuddling with kitties while giggling? <3
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24, Cub / Man | Anywhere, Riverside, California, United States

A simple meet and greet, let's get to know each other first, have a couple drinks, maybe a laugh or two. I want to know what you desire, and why I think we would be ideal for each other. Who knows, maybe we like each other?
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19, Cub / Man | Toronto, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Have a coffee and talk together. Taking a walk after and spending quality time with each other and enjoying each other's company!
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29, Cub / Man | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

For starter, coffee and conversation. Afterward, let's see where this go!
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25, Cub / Man | San Diego, San Diego, California, United States

Meeting up for a cup of coffee and getting to know each other better. Then massages and movies to finish it off!
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29, Cub / Man | North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

cooking together or eating together followed by a walk in the parrk
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22, Cub / Man | Central Jutland, Denmark

Would love to find a nice place to talk and see where it takes us
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34, Cub / Man | Within 80 miles from Bradenton!, Bradenton, Florida, United ...

I would love to meet up for coffee or take a ride on my bike somewhere for dinner.
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24, Cub / Man | Fairmont, Kearneysville, West Virginia, United States

We chat while sipping coffee, and then go back to either one's place and snuggle tight.
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24, Cub / Man | Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States

Coffee dates are great. Start there and figure out whats next.
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22, Cub / Man | Athens, Georgia, United States

What's better to break the ice than chatting over coffee? It's simple, easy, and in public.No one ever said the second date can't be the same day as the first!
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21, Cub / Man | New South Wales, Australia

It ain’t anything too crazy, but I think it’s good to see how we click before anything. Just something easy
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28, Cub / Man | San Antonio, Texas, United States

We can meet somewhere and talk while drinking coffee :)
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39, Cub / Man | Iowa City, Iowa, United States

I suck at pick up lines. Best I got it " so wanna get coffee sometime"
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57, Cougar | manchester, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Hi I would like to definitely meet. Not a lover of chatting endlessly on line

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