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32, Cub / Man | gashouse, Gastonia, North Carolina, United States

going on a lunch date...
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23, Cub / Man | Turin, Italy

Andare a fare un po' di shopping o una cenetta Go shopping or have dinner
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18, Cub / Man | Wallingford, Vermont, United States

Let's go somewhere learn about eachother
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18, Cub / Man | Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Let's go out and see
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18, Cub / Man | 1101 midway court, Marion, Illinois, United States

lets go out to eat and go shopping at the mall and hangout
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18, Cougar | thats fed, New Jersey, United States

Go to the park and eat brunch then paint and talk about life then after go shopping also play 🏀
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18, Cougar | Canton, Mississippi, United States

Going To The Mall
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29, Cub / Man | ???, Benito Juarez, Mexico City, Mexico

ammm sorprender
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18, Cub / Man

me gusta ir de compras a varios lugares, donde me quieras llevar estoy seguro que la pasamos bien. me gusta ayudar a escoger ropa, acompañar a escoger zapatos, acompañar a arreglarse y probarnos ropa nueva
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20, Cub / Man | Anywhere

I love shopping and just going out to splurge a bit, a little self love is always a great time. I'd love to spend some time at the mall and just treat myself or treat you :))
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39, Cub / Man | mall

Take me shopping or give me cash. Lets walk and talk while you spoil me with gifts. I am willing to please at all costs
i dont know why but i feel like shopping is a great first date / meet idea because theres so much to see and relate to when it comes to clothes or window shopping i feel like it leaves a huge window of opportunities to open up easily.
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29, Cub / Man | Munich

Shopping, then drinking Wine besides the river and gazing the starts and dancing in the dark.
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25, Cub / Man | Japan

We travel first class to Tokyo, head over to the Mitsuba headquarters, you buy me two motors. Also solar cells if you're feeling adventurous.
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37, Cub / Man | Fashion district in LA

getting to know eachother and seeing what you have in common with a rookie like myself
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31, Cub / Man | Melrose

I love buying clothes. Let's go shopping!!
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31, Cub / Man | the mall

Shopping for clothes that you think I look good in and scents as well. Maybe stop to get something to eat afterward.
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34, Cub / Man | MOA

Just walking thru universe to go on rollercoaster(u might get kissed or fingered on the ride) Some easy food n drinks at any spot then maybe try on lingerie n makeout in fittingroom before going home to watch movie or off to dance/party
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28, Cub / Man | Pick me up and go anywhere!!

I would like to do anything but for the first date yea I would like to see wat my sugar momma can buy me to show me there willing to do what ever and get the same in return😁
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23, Cub / Man

Hey, I am into sending pics for money. Trust me you will be satisfied.

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