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30, Cub / Man | Staten Island, Staten Island, New York, United States

Go for hiking/walk
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32, Cub / Man | Aylesbury and surrounding areas, England, United Kingdom

take my dog for a nice long walk in the woods get to know each other a bit better, maybe a little naughtiness 😉
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23, Cub / Man | Walking along the waterfront at Point Ruston, or the forest ...

Meeting up for either a nice walk, a quick bite to eat, or a combination of the two!
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36, Cub / Man | white pigeon, White Pigeon, Michigan, United States

going for a nice nature walk. chat. maybe stop n lemme e** your Pu$$y?
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40, Cub / Man | Shanadowa National park., Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Small talk. Books. And wine.
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21, Cub / Man | peak district, England, United Kingdom

a romantic walk in the peak district
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49, Cub / Man | Cnr of Brighton and Darwin Street, Windsor Park, Kraaifontei...

Getting to know each other first through some intense conversations
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25, Cub / Man | ., Cupertino, California, United States

Open to any ideas!
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18, Cub / Man | utah, Spanish Fork, Utah, United States

go skating then go for a hike and look at the stars
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20, Cub / Man | Chicago, Illinois, United States

When its nice out, all I want to do is go on a walk with you. Where would we walk? That's a great question because I have no clue! I don't know exactly where we would walk but I'm sure we can figure something out. All I want to do is to just go exploring with you.
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45, Cub / Man | Anywhere, Denham Springs, Louisiana, United States

My favorite ways to get to know someone is both over dinner and a walk. Trying to do something crazy, spontaneous, or attempting to make an impression, doesn't help to really get to know the person, and doesn't give any perspective about what everyday life will be like with that individual.
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18, Cougar | Doesn't matter I guess, Davison, Michigan, United States

At night it's always the best time to me I'm why but it's just very peaceful and calming in a way mainly like during summer nights I always kinda played in the road or in a empty spot and stared kinda at the sky and would think it's just very nice honestly.
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27, Cub / Man | Fontainebleau, Île-de-France, France

Pour se connaître au détour d'une balade ou pourquoi pas un ptit week-end...
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28, Cub / Man | Anywhere, Waterford, Ireland

A nice chill walk or drink where we can chat and get to know each other
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26, Cub / Man | Anywhere random, Ontario, Canada

Lets take a walk/sit around and get to know each other? I also like home-mad food
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27, Cub / Man | New York, New York, New York, United States

We get drinks at a bar and then wander the city streets people watching and talking.
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23, Cub / Man | Acton, City of London, United Kingdom

My first date idea would be something nice and cheerful, no pressure to dress up or do anything to strenuous just go for a walk and talk, maybe a coffee possibly even as an evening thing go for a drink or two, something a bit more casual and natural.
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50, Cougar | Esquimalt Lagoon, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Love the beach... day or night
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52, Cub / Man | Saint Cloud, Minnesota, United States

Walking down the Beaver Island Trail, maybe hand in hand, or if you have a dog(I don't) just conversing on any and all topics while enjoying each others company as well as the outside.
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33, Cub / Man | Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Prepare a picnic and meetup in the Botanic Gardens. If enjoying one another's company, can extend into the afternoon with a stroll through the gardens and end up in a cafe or restaurant in the city.

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