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20, Cub / Man | anywhere, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Get to know you dirty dancing.
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45, Cub / Man | 11520 Norwalk, CA, Montebello, California, United States

I'm invited someone to celebrity my birthday come soon if you interested to meet me no just for my birthday or teach me how to celebrity my birthday😷🍷🍾🌻🌹🌺💐✌🙉🙊🙈
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27, Cub / Man | Los Angeles

I need to know what kind of women I'm dealing with and a person true self comes out when they are having fun in an environment of fun and excitement, Never come unprepared. I may be young but my wisdom exceeds my age. (I have been through a lot.)
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43, Cub / Man | Let My Lady Decide...

A candle light dinner, walk by the beach, stroll by the lake, etc., are all good. But why not pick a spot to meet up, like a tourist spot. Maybe some place in the woods, or a hill station, or a spot by a water fall, etc. Or maybe even pick a date and time and fly to a common place and see each other at the airport. That is exciting too. A very vast topic. Open to a lot of exciting, amazing options. I'd love to hear about this from the person who intends to meet me after we connect. Her preference comes first...
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31, Cub / Man | Las vegas

My frist date I wouldn t mind justs going out on the boat and a nice dinner date and then alittle dancing with aroom on the boat and getting down to business I dance naked to so justs imagine would i can do so if u wolud like that ride be ready for a ride of your life
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29, Cub / Man | atlanta

Sexy night in the city...
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32, Cub / Man | Anywhere

Dancing is our one of our most freeing, truthful expressions we can do. If you like to dance, and really enjoy it, it speaks alot about you.
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28, Cub / Man | everywhere

I want to dance - all evening! No matter what! If I don't know how you teach me or the other way arround. And if both of us are clueless we will just dance our own dance. The location can be on the street, in a club, on a dancingparty or a ball or just somewhere else. To have fun the person matters, not the location. And if there is no music we will still find something ;) I am sure about this.
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29, Cub / Man | Wherever!

Doesn't have to be a live concert or anything but I would prefer to get a couple drinks in us then hit the dance floor. Salsa, reggae, ballroom, slow dancing, we can do it all. :)
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57, Cougar | Manchester

Go to see a band, jump around at the front of the stage, hold me tight to protect me from the moshers then dance the rest of the night away
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29, Cub / Man | Greenville

I love to dance, so we can connect by moving and grooving. After or before we can get something to eat. After the dance we can connect more then its all on you to decide whats next.
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50, Cub / Man | everywhere

Going to the run .. Rudi pell
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25, Cub / Man | Orlando

Let's go out for drinks and dance.
Take me dancing! You'll be glad you did (;
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58, Cub / Man | Where ever you like.

A day at the beach...a few choose the end...or beginning!
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30, Cub / Man | Pittsburgh

Saturday night at club
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23, Cub / Man | Anywhere there is music.

I would love to go dancing or a concert as the first date because even if the date goes badly we are still having a great time. There is no need to panic or be nervous on the first date. Just have fun and meet someone new.
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32, Cub / Man

Lots of getting to know each other and a lot of touching
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34, Cub / Man | Mayfair London

Party with Me in The WestEnd Or Chill Time(bottle of wine-feet up-delicious food) & Great Convo
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30, Cub / Man

Meet up at a club and do some dancing and chatting

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