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36, Cub / Man | Decide as a team, Washington, District of Columbia, United S...

First Idea date would be to meet up for Brunch. Hop in my truck, blaze a little to relax the nerves, converse big and build an appetite for food and for each other. Then decide, if we should get our table and feed our hunger or get a snack and be the main course, lol whatever your comfort zone is.
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39, Cub / Man | Redwood Falls Pr New Ulms Mn, United States

First showing up and shock by the beauty that comes from each with a priceless smile and hug.
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40, Cub / Man | It doesn't matter just as long as we enjoy each other compan...

Us not wanting to leave or end the date.
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26, Cub / Man | Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Picknick on the moon
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58, Cub / Man | anyplace you choose, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United Stat...

Meet for coffee or brunch. See if we hit it off.
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23, Cub / Man | yyyyy, Alaska, United States

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18, Cub / Man | New South Wales, Australia

Maybe meet at a coffee shop.
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19, Cub / Man | Marietta, GA: Reveille Cafe

Would love to find a mature women who wants to go eat here and chat. We can see where things go and maybe it could become more after! :)
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56, Cub / Man | Portage

Meeting for brunch in a public place to get to know each other better. Then go from there if things are going good with each other.
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27, Cub / Man | Dolphin reef eilat beach

take you to the my favorate place in my city, Dolphin reef beach. we find ourselves a table under thatch awning, we oder some light food and drinks. view the crystal clear waters and the Dolphins playing and jumping. we dive into long and deep convesetion that sweep oursleves and take our minds elsewhere then we leave our table to walk on the floating pier and see the the Dolphins up close and if we lucky get to pet one or two. we sit on the bench that is on the pier and that's when you will notice my eyes looking at your beauty, i will give you that type of rare looks of "something increabdle aboutto happend".. then i will put one of my hands on you thigh and the other on your waist while pulling you close to me. and that's when i will give you one incredible passionate kiss that will blow your senses out of the water.. ♥to be continued my lovely cougar♥
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20, Cub / Man | Brooklyn

Lets get lit.ok
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57, Cougar | Panera Bread or Coffee House

Just want to keep it simple with GREAT strong, sweet COFFEE and a bite to eat and honest conversation!
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25, Cub / Man | My Kitchen

I can't cook all to well but I'll eat what you put before me
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28, Cub / Man | indiana

something as simple as taking a walk or grabbing some coffee
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24, Cub / Man | Addison

I would love to sit have a nice brunch at lazy dog near my house if there are any good movies then walk to the theatre (not even a mile from the restaurant) but really it is up to my date what she would like to do.
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30, Cub / Man | Houston

It's the best meal of the day! Let's find somewhere amazing!
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29, Cub / Man

I work the evening shift so I have to do either breakfast or a brunch.
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27, Cub / Man

If you start the day off with a steak breakfast you can never go wrong!
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30, Cub / Man

I like things to be short and to the point the first time meeting. Maybe dinner, maybe a walk, something chill and something that allows us to get to know eachother.
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24, Cub / Man

Fun over a nice brunch that can hopefully lead to something more

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