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20, Cub / Man | 1823 cs 2920 Amber, Oklahoma, Amber, Oklahoma, United States

To go to a movie then hang out at her place and just talk .
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22, Cub / Man | ?, Anaheim, California, United States

Getting something to munch on while we get to know each other. To have a good time by talking and interacting with each other. after food we go somewhere else like the beach, a hike, the park etc. Cracking jokes, making sarcastic remarks. just enjoying life.
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33, Cub / Man | 7178568654, York, Pennsylvania, United States

lounging on a boat in the mid evening candlelight table 420 friendly with some liquor or wine of the lady's choice . while eating some theme of the evening talking joking flirting, you know!! building up to the inevitable, the sweat your heartbeat pulsing the nervous giggling the constant star gazing as it gets dark!
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35, Cub / Man | Northwest side of Chicago. Really want someone that isn't f...

I don't do the same thing w all women .That would be the same thing as saying what she wants to hear. Every woman is unique and has beauty in shaded about her besides her physical which maybe she may feel self conscious but i feel she's hotter to me natural. if i can make her smile, calm her when she's upset or just hold her as long as she needs me to
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32, Cub / Man | My House, Merritt Island, Florida, United States

Dinner. My house and YOU are on the menu!
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46, Cub / Man | 1013 hill st apt C. Philipsburg pa 16866, Clearfield, Penns...

Romantic dinner and a movie maybe for a walk then home to have something to drink so we can talk some more and say are good nights
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29, Cub / Man | Saltash Cornwall, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Drinks an a laugh
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26, Cub / Man | A cafe, park anywhere we can talk :), United States

Get to know each other!
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35, Cub / Man | 211 bjn, Wilmington, Delaware, United States

dinner movie n having a good time
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32, Cub / Man | The Bronx, New York, United States

Your house, we meet in the late morning, and get to know each other. You inquire if I’d like a beverage, or something else, like some weed/speed/E, or something you can tell me about! We spend some time, sharing facts about ourselves, and then we go for a swim in your pool, if you have one, if not, we can chill on a balcony, front porch, backyard, take your dog for a walk, play with your cats, feed your birds, whatever. Then depending on our chemistry, we flirt, and talk about sex. What do you like, what do you not like? Then I tell you about my sexual research, and blow your mind. Then I pull out my computer, and show you what I do, and I ask if you’d like me to play around with your images in my Photoshop. By now, it’s the evening, and we’ve spent all day it feels, building up a nice swell of good fuzzy feelings, and it’s starting to surge. At this point, you will know whether or not you’ll want to take this to a next level. From here on out, it’s up to the spontaneity of the situation to direct where our souls go to, together. If we make it to nightfall, and are still hungry, we can go to the super market, and pick out stuff for dinner. I’m cooking, and you’re going to sit back, sip wine, whatever, smoke a doob, get fucked up on housewife pills (share some with me too!), as I cook up a storm, and of course, I’ll wash the dishes after we’re done. Then I think we’ve got it from here.
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19, Cub / Man | Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Drinks and go from there I think I'm not sure have to see what mood it is but food n drink maybe a movie
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24, Cub / Man | Brooklyn, New York, United States

My first date would be going to that persons house watching a movie having the lights off enjoying each other's company getting to know each other cause thats the most important thing giving her a massage to relax having dinner
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38, Cub / Man | arapaho ok, Arapaho, Oklahoma, United States

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46, Cub / Man | Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom

A coffee and cake and a chat
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20, Cub / Man | Carthage, Texas, United States

honestly a trip somewhere small and a nice meal or maybe a movie
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27, Cub / Man | Eden, Texas, United States

Walk at the park , dinner and bar hopping
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39, Cub / Man | Rosemont, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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33, Cub / Man | Message me and I'll send you my address and location., Phoen...

Going to get coffee at a local coffee bar chit chat for a bit and walk around a bit getting to know one another.
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32, Cub / Man | my back yard?, Beaverton, Oregon, United States

whiskey and sex?
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20, Cub / Man | Berlin, Land Berlin, Germany

Am Restaurant mit einem Getränk wäre geil

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