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  • Empowerment in Dating

    We are all here because of past pains. Some chose to live in the past everyday and repeat their mistakes over and over. The true power of dating is to let go of the pa ... For detail, click here.

  • Feeling bored in your relationship? Communication could be key to saving it!

    Okay, so I don't know how many of you this actually happens to. But I know it happens, because it's happened multiple times to me. So you get into a relationship. Eeve ... For detail, click here.

  • Figure that dating is a marathon not a sprint

    Here is the thing, everyone wants their next date to be their last...meaning you wish to find that special someone. Unfortunately, people seem to sprint to the finish ... For detail, click here.

  • Four Ways To Make A Good Impression In Online Dating

    1. Being Yourself

    To be yourself is the very first & most important advice you would love to follow. You might have heard it before, that the single m ... For detail, click here.

  • Four steps to lead you to online dating
    1. Learn who you are and what you like, dislike, enjoy, loathe. Write down what you like about yourself, what makes you special, w ... For detail, click here.
  • Freedom goes through your relationship

    As strange as it may sound, it seems to me that any relationship first of all is about freedom. It's a freedom of choice in the first place, we choose someone among th ... For detail, click here.

  • Get to know the person before getting into a serious relationship

    Many people get deep into a relationship before truly knowing about their bf/gf. And a lot of times it can end up harshly. Out of personal experience, the best thing t ... For detail, click here.

  • Getting to know someone; learn to recognize the wrong behavior

    When you are getting to know someone online or thinking of meeting them there is one thing above the normal safety tips that people do not think of. If the person ... For detail, click here.

  • Girls want to stay..just friends or...?

    A girl who has demonstrated interest for you probably would not want to be "just friends" with you. If she agrees to being friends, it is probably because she can ... For detail, click here.

  • Go for someone who makes you smile.

    When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don`t see the one which has been opened for us. Th ... For detail, click here.

  • Go out into the dating world with an attitude of making new friends

    I made mistakes within the first year of my divorce. One word - DISASTER! I spewed anger and shared the injustice to every man I met. And now I realize that it is not ... For detail, click here.

  • Honesty gains trust

    It never feels good to be afraid or insecure. It's very important to be honest with our partners, though. The things that we do throughout our lives remain with us unt ... For detail, click here.

  • Honesty's the best policy for long term relationship

    If you want to make the relationship worth while for yourself, lay all your flaws out on the table, and show the person you're dating that you're not fooling a ... For detail, click here.

  • How can you tell if a relationship is based around sex?

    I wouldn't consider it a relationship....

    1. the only time they call is to make small talk and end up coming over for (sex)
    2. you are the only ... For detail, click here.

  • How do you know when he / she is the right one?

    Finding someone who ignites your fire isn't hard to do, but we must not let those sparks lead us into believing we have found the right person. However, this i ... For detail, click here.

  • How to avoid domineering men?

    There are dominant men, confident, secure, and domineering men, controlling, abusive.

    The two are opposite.

    If you are a strong, alpha female ... For detail, click here.

  • How to balance dating and finances?

    If one person in a relationship makes much more than the other, one person may end up footing the bill for all outings and activities together. If you make more money ... For detail, click here.

  • How to know if you can trust a man you are about to start dating

    I would like to list 3 very important warning signs to look for before you commit to a serious relationship with a guy:

    1. Does he lie about small things? If you ... For detail, click here.

  • How to tell if your man is ready for a relationship

    Marriage is a lottery, but you can't tear up your ticket if you lose...

    So, let me share some experience how you can separate the relationship-ready guys ... For detail, click here.

  • Importance of asking for a recent photograph of your match

    There's nothing wrong with asking someone if their photos are recent. If they don't have a photo, request a recent one. It's important for you to get a goo ... For detail, click here.

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