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Cougar Dating Dos and Don'ts

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Be flexible.  Open yourself up to new ideas in all areas of your relationship.

Live in the moment.  Focus on the relationship you have today—not 10 years from today.

Go overboard in your compliments.  Show him you are proud of his accomplishments.

Share financial responsibility.  This is essential for a strong foundation to build on.

Make him feel comfortable with friends and family.  Support your guy and he’ll support you.



Focus on the age difference.  It’s a big turnoff and gets old very quickly.

Play games.  Be honest: He loves that you are secure enough to do that.

Mind-read.  If you want to know what he is thinking, ask him.

Play Mom.  He’s not your kid—don’t treat him like one.

Make promises you can’t keep.  Never betray his trust; tell him like it is.


Every woman has her own particular set of relationship challenges, and cougars are no exception. Men definitely are from Mars, and it is tough enough finding common ground with someone of your own generation, let alone a young guy who is trailing two decades behind you. The age difference can create all sorts of problems if you’re not prepared. You just have to keep remembering that Real Cougars are willing to do whatever it takes in the pursuit of happiness.