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10 Ways To Boost Your Dating Life Over 50

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Dating as a woman over 50 can feel vulnerable and the last thing you want to do is step outside of your comfort zone, right?


But that's exactly what works for so many of the women I work with one-on-one. As soon as they say, "Ok, no more excuses! I'm going to do what it takes to find the man of my dreams," guess what ... they do.


This can work for you too. Here are 10 ways to break out of your comfort zone and find success dating over 50.


1. Put thoughts about your ex's to rest. Make sure as you head out there to date that you have removed your personal clutter about ex's. It's heavy and it keeps you from being emotionally available to new men.


2. Clear the clutter in your home so when you meet a man, you will have space for him to come into your life.


3. Go through your wardrobe, donating old clothes that don't flatter you anymore, so you can go on dates feeling great about yourself, rather than being reminded of what your ex thought of that dress.


4. Focus on enjoying dating. It should be fun, not the chore it becomes when you only focus on whether he's the one. There's a certain sweetness you could be missing getting to know a new and interesting man who might turn out to be an amazing partner for you. You will be surprised what happens if you find fun and joy in the dating process.


5. Begin dating to date versus dating to mate. Dating is a journey for finding the man you want to be with. You aren't 22 anymore, so there's no need to rush the process to start building a family. Instead, just go out and have fun!


6. Recite this mantra that will help you step outside your comfort zone when it feels scary...


I am ready to date. I am willing to find and meet new men even when I feel uncomfortable. I know uncomfortable equals growth and growth equals achieving my dreams of finding the man I want to share my life with.


7. Get a mini-makeover. Ask your hair stylist for a new cut that will make you feel sexy and desirable. Or go with a friend to the makeup counter at a department store. Their makeup artists will give you a fresh look and you only need to buy what you like.


8. Look outside your type. If you feel like there are "no good men out there" to date, you're probably only focusing on those who fit your type. Try going out on two or three dates with men who fall outside your typical look or personality.


9. Strike up a conversation with a new man in the real world. Even if he turns out to be unavailable, you've sharpened your flirting skills and next time, you'll feel more confident about approaching a cute guy.


10. Be open to getting help with dating, knowing that it's not a skill you are born with. Your friends, family, therapist and dating coach are all here to help you make your dating journey a success!


What have you done to step outside your comfort zone? Tell my experiences in the comments below.