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What Makes a Connection?

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While we all meet new people almost every day, while we peruse profiles often... for the most part, our search continues. Why?
Personally, I feel it is because we do not or cannot "connect."

We want to make a connection, otherwise we wouldn't be here, nor would we be searching. It has nothing to do with "love." It is physical. Why is it so difficult? What makes that special "connection" between two people... the kind that makes you want to move mountains, cross oceans to touch them... the kind where it is difficult to focus on anything else but, the logistics of getting to them? Oddly enough, that kind of connection happens rarely, briefly or not at all.

There are thousands of interesting/attractive/personable/hot members on this site. Whether we respond to inquiries with a Flirt, a Wink, exchange a few mails, engage in chats, talk on the phone or, perhaps, even meet... it is not that easy to connect on a casual or, especially, a deeper level.

After perusing hundreds of profiles or upon making contact of some kind, not connecting prevents the majority of us from pursuing additional contact. Perhaps, after "meeting", we walk away from someone because the initial attraction proves to be too tame, interest dissipates, the distance between you is abysmal or there is lack of communication.

Regardless, our search continues... for we are eternally hopeful creatures, always maintaining the thought our Connection is out there somewhere!

Where are you??

Missterious One

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Thats Deep ....But on point :)

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i know exactly what you mean. :-)