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Three Things Your Online Profile Needs

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How to Snare Your Perfect Cougar, in Three Easy Steps


You found her in Search. Or maybe you swiped right in “Let’s Meet.” How do you get her to “Like” you back, send a Wink your way, or reply to your personal message?


The key in is your Profile, gentlemen. Giving hazy details or worse, leaving your Profile blank is a surefire way to miss out on your chance to meet some lovely ladies here. So as long as you’ve taken the time to post a Profile, why not take a few minutes more to do it right?


In my next three posts, I’m going to offer some tips for creating the best, most perfect online profile you can, to identify yourself, stand out from the crowd, and show her you are serious about finding someone special.


Today’s Tip, #1: Post a recent photo 

Post a profile photo! Don’t leave this blank. Why would you NOT want to have your picture accompany the rest of the information you share about yourself? I myself, never, EVER respond to a message, wink, or “like” from a cub who hasn’t posted a photo of himself. It’s like a “blind date” (do people still do that?).  A friend sets you up with a friend of a friend of a friend, etc. You have no idea what she looks like, and without a photo, it’s a crap shoot, whether there will be that spark or not. Looks mean something. They’re not everything, no. But in the world of online dating, they’re the best we’ve got.


A headshot or full body shot is preferable. And close up. A Profile photo of you running through the surf might make it look like you’re a fun, outdoorsy kind of guy, but she can’t see what you look like. And let’s face it, first impressions are key to making that ultimate connection.

Lose the sunglasses. Show her what you really look like. Hiding behind those shades, no matter how great they make you look, also makes it look like you, well, have something to hide. Be honest, starting with your photo.


Lose the arm candy, e.g., the beautiful, leggy blonde cousin who accompanied you to your sister’s wedding. No cougar wants to see you hanging on to another woman –especially a younger woman –or  see a photo of her fawning over you. Pairing yourself in a photo with another woman is a major turn-off.


Stay away from group shots. A photo with you and your buddies shows her what you like to do and where you like to hang, but, well, which one are you? What if she likes your buddy’s looks more than yours? Save yourself the hassle of misleading or mistaken identity and post a solo shot.


If you suck at selfies, and a lot of us do, have a friend snap a nice shot of you. Smile or not. Dress dressy, or not. Pose with your dog, or kids, or grandma. Whatever. Just be yourself.


Note: having your photo Verified by is well worth the effort. Lots of fakes, phantoms and catfish out there. Show some good faith in taking that first step to prove you are who you say you are.


We live in a visual world. It’s not fair, it’s not cool, but we do. Attraction – at least, initial attraction – always starts with that first impression. A good, honest photo is the best way to get her to click on your profile – and hopefully, to click with you. 

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