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Hey guys

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Thanks for all the winks, messages and the private album requests. I check all of them but I don't respond to all of them.


If you don't get a response, that means "thanks but no thanks". I'm pretty straightforward. If I like you I'll get back to you and tell you so. If you don't hear from me, don't waste your time sending me more messages or the pics of your body parts. LOL. I won't be impressed anyway!



BTW, if you don't have any pics on your profile, you will not get a response.


Also, if you live far away, you probably won't get a response. I've made a few exceptions because some of you guys are too cute to ignore, but I'm not looking for a chat buddy or someone to talk to on the phone. I would like to be able to meet you in person if I really like you.


Lastly, if you said let's meet and I agreed, execute it like a man or at least tell me that you changed your mind. I hate wasting my time with flakes.  


That's all for now. Thanks and good luck!